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Leaving Bzp

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Yeah, I'm leaving...


Just temporarily though, so don't worry. I'm been sparsely on lately because of more schoolwork, and in this time I've opened my eyes and seen how much my social life (or what's left of it now) has been breaking down since I've been slowly sucked into the internet.


Thus, I've decided to take a break for a while - I don't know how long - until I can feel better about how my RL is going. I'll probably pop up on AIM now and then, so you might get a chance to talk to me then.


Also, just for the technicality, all RPG characters can be used by Teebs and Robo, respectively, as they are needed.


Oh, and my parents were also bugging me about giving up something for lent, and BZP seemed like the thing I would be most tempted to return to, so here I am.

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Noooooo! I'll miss ya :(


And I can have fun with Elementoid then! :evilgrin:




Still miss you buddy :(



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