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New School Year

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So I'm a senior now, which feels rather interesting; knowing that a year from now, I'll be in college rather than high school. Most of my classmates are making it a bigger deal than I think it is. So far, the only change from previous years is that we now have our own special "senior" parking lot that's closer to the school than the other parking lots. We have a few new teachers this year too, and I like them quite a bit. Our new government teacher is a very enthusiastic and energetic person, which makes the class much more fun (he's a bit conservative in his views too, which, no offense, I like as well). Our new math teacher is pretty cool too. Not that energetic, but he knows his stuff. I missed the first few days of school for BrickFair, so I've been kept busy with some make-up work. Now that I'm done with it though, I'm realizing that this may be a much easier year than I anticipated.



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