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Two Epic Updates (kamen Rider Avon)

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Grey Snow


Update 1:


The Bara Magna Chronicles. As of Saturday, 10/3/09, it is done. All 70 chapters, 280 pages, are complete. A 2010 installment will follow upon first leaks, writing shall begin. New MOCs for it are also coming, and one of my best in a long time is one of them.


Update 2:


Kamen Rider Avon. As of tonight, I have more or less, fully established the Super Mode of the main Rider, Avon. Also, I have, more or less, fully established every Rider, including creating a new Rider for it, as opposed to the original idea of the set number. There is now another involved. A picture of Avon is being worked on by a friend of mine from Deviantart, and shall be posted upon completion as a preview.



Future work:


I shall soon begin the second part of the Kingdoms of Nightmare, hopefully I'll finish in about a month, depending on how my writing schedule goes, still working on it. And the third season of Oban Star Racers should follow shortly after, but again, depends on my writing schedule. Come to think of it, I didn't even post season 2 here. I'll have to get on that soon.


Also...new name may be coming. I'm thinking "Sir Koji: White Knight".

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I've only begun chapter 2 as of late, so I haven't done anything with a finishing move yet. I don't get the reference...but no. It's a technological based series, so, probably just let his weapon do his talking for him. I think the second Rider will probably have something to say, the way I'm writing his personality.


Yeah, odd themes, but great results (Nazca/Nasca)

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