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Hmm, okay, so. I know I've probably bored you all to death with every thing I write about my murder story here, but once again I'm having trouble deciding something, so I'm posting my thoughts here. Besides, sometimes just writing things out helps me decide something.


So anyway, I started out of having the team of investigators be NCIS Feds, but the more I think about it and the more I read other books, I'm not sure if I want to do that any more. Here are the pros and cons of using NCIS or the FBI [which is the other choice I've considered doing]:





-I "know" more about them through the TV show, but of course that's not necessarily accurate so it's also a con.

-There aren't many [if any] NCIS novels. I could be wrong, but I haven't seen any myself. So this could possibly be a pro, but may be a con.



-It has more cool things [like helicopters, a SWAT team, a lot more of... everything, basically, more funding, etc.]

-I could have it based in Los Angeles, and they could probably still investigate Marines [which is what the first novel is based on] as the nearest NCIS place is in San Diego. I could be wrong, but I just think that the FBI would be able to take over a case. If not, I can always just change the victim to a non-Marine very easily.





-My only information on them is basically from the TV show.

-As there aren't many NCIS novels, this will seem [iMO] like a piece of fanfiction for the TV show.

-NCIS is a lot smaller than the FBI, having less "toys" to work with [helicopters, etc.]

-The team could only investigate Marines/Navy

-It wouldn't be completely accurate if I did what I wanted [i want it set in Los Angeles, but, unless I'm mistaken, there's not a real NCIS in Los Angeles, the closest being Sand Diego]



-I possibly "know" less about them, but considering all I know about NCIS is through a TV show and there's much better sources for the FBI, I could probably know more about the FBI than NCIS [making this kinda a pro]

-I wouldn't be able to have my main character have as much a connection to the FBI as he would with NCIS as he's a Marine. But that's really just minor and I can definitely see him wanting to work for the FBI instead.

-One of the main scenes could -possibly- become less-realistic [i have everything outlined], as with NCIS agents it has them go somewhere before SWAT would get there. However, since the FBI has their own SWAT, that wouldn't be very likely. Then again, I could make some other reason why they go without SWAT, like they don't think there'd be much danger or something.


...And that's about it. So yeah. Your opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks, everyone. [Oh and thanks to everyone that replied to my short story. If you haven't yet, you should! =P]



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Nah, I love giving input.


I personally think more attention should be given to NCIS--of course the one flaw I see is people may want to accuse it as being a NCIS fanfic. But of course, if FBI gets all the attention, NCIS can too.


And though you want to be accurate, it's always fun to play with secret projects, groups, conspiracy--maybe NCIS has this super secret team for whatever reason...either way, all the good reason to study, and really get familiar with the subject/genre.

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Yeah, that's basically what I was thinking. The only thing still holding me back is the differences of resources -- the FBI can have, like, anything they want in a matter of minutes. NCIS can't.


And while I wouldn't be using any of those resources for this first story, I may want to in the future, just because it'd be cool to have helicopter/SWAT scenes, etc. :/


[Though of course I can always create new characters]



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I think them not being able to get things at the snap of a finger could have a advantage--it could be interesting plot devices, etc. One reason people do FBI and such in the first place because it's IMO the god-modding of writing.

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