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  1. Yeah, I was pretty disappointed this had to do withe the song contest, mostly because I have no idea what the connection between Transformers and Hahli is.

  2. Hmm So what will you be doing now that the Cards are Over?

  3. WOW. The cards were for a song contest. I really AM upset, I was expecting something cooler, but I guess it was for something dumb like I thought it would be.

  4. So What were the Cards For?

  5. So... The game is over? I'm a bit behind.

  6. so were battleing against our selves while battleing against another oganisation

  7. did you get my PM ?

  8. No, she doesn't, someone else does.

  9. in other word hazrd makes the cards?

  10. Hazrd, If you dont mind, can you please give me a hint to the next card. I am asking as kindly as possible, so dont take this as a demand

  11. \/ My thoughts exactly. \/

  12. Hey hazrd, I had a question, apparently the Blue team has 2 new cards yet we have none, anyway you could possibly give us one ?

  13. Ah. Well can you "conjure" a red one? And also... the site the cards are hosted on says you died, and something about somewhere this month.

  14. I didn't actually make them. I just sort of... conjure them? I think that's the right word.

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