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  1. I didn't actually make them. I just sort of... conjure them? I think that's the right word.

  2. Now THAT we shall all see.

  3. I think you've seen everything I've told everyone.

    I wouldn't do that sort of thing! I'm trying to help out everyone as much as I can.

    And... I can't be sure, but I think you're all missing the point.

  4. Not now. I can't say anything now.

  5. I found it on the internet. I just kind of knew where it was. I can't really explain, but I think it has to do with how the cards work.

  6. Thank you!

    Well, I don't seem to know that... but if I find out, you're the first person I'll tell!

  7. Well, I didn't... make them, exactly.

    But I do know this: http://www.hazrd.co.cc/banner/cards/bie34.htm.

    I don't really know *how* I know... but I do.

  8. That's assuming that I have them!

    I may know something. But I don't know anything right now. :)

  9. Hello everyone! Thank you for all welcoming me!

    Just one thing: It's card *girl*. But my username is confusing, so it's okay.

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