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    A Room in Britain totally empty save for all of my belongings.
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    Bionicle(duh), Prehistoric life, well, actually, any life, 'Graphic Novels' (fear the business-applied name!), Art Speigelman, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Terry Prattchett, Human Physiology, Psychology, English, Maths, Art, Drama, trying to grow my hair longer than Neil Gaiman's so that I can have a ponytail at least as long as my Psychology teacher's, punishign man for his sins, servign as a trickster god.<br /><br /> I also enjoy really good fiction novels and I'm really a bookworm at heart. My favourite sports are Swimming, Cricket, and torturing the damned.<br /><br /> I'd tell you more, but it'd cost ya...

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  1. R.I.P. Sorry that everyone is making a bigger deal out of Matoro's death than yours. I never knew you that well and I regret not getting to. Once again, R.I.P.

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