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  1. I’d like to reserve a MEDIUM, please! Thanks for another year of hosting this contest and coordinating Brappy Hour.
  2. My vote is for No. 5. Well done to all who participated!
  3. Awesome! I know I have one set aside already (Large) but I’d like to purchase 3 more please. Two Mediums and one Small. Thanks!
  4. Just wanted to say that I also really appreciate the cleverness of the first design- well done Bfahome!
  5. https://flic.kr/p/24frwaC Thanks again for hosting an awesome contest that engages the community. Good luck to all my fellow artists!
  6. I knew I sat this year's contest out for a reason. Mr. Faber deserves the win- Please cast my vote for design #3. Well done to the others for their hard work and effort as well!
  7. Number 2 seems popular so I'll vote for that too!
  8. Hey, well look at that! Thanks everyone for voting me the winner! I'm happy to participate and even happier that people wish to wear something I've designed. I really like the suggestions of an Earth green colored shirt with gold or sand green print. Obviously, it's Zaktan so I think that thought process to base the color scheme on that character is perfect. Thanks!
  9. In order to fully appreciate this last minute entry, please watch this video first: Thank you. Now that we have properly set the mood, I hereby submit my entry into the 2016 T-Shirt Design Contest here in the final hours of the final day. As always, thanks for hosting this cool opportunity and I wish the best of luck to all the participants! 2016 T-Shirt Design Entry = https://flic.kr/p/HHFfaX
  10. Thanks for making this opportunity available for another year! Here is my entry. Good luck to all who participate!
  11. Greetings all! I'd like to submit my entry into this year's contest. Best of luck to all who enter this year. 2014 BZPower T-Shirt Contest Design
  12. Why not visit Brick Fiesta? http://www.brickfiesta.com/ The event, now moving into its fourth year, travels to a different city within the Lone Star state each year. The first year it took place in Austin, the second was in Houston, the third in Dallas, and next year is slated for San Antonio. There was a sizable group of BIONICLE fans and members of the BZPower community at the event in 2011, it would be nice to see that again at a future event. I bumped into Adrian in Dallas this year but that was just briefly during the public expo during the weekend...
  13. Very humbled by the choice, thank you! I really liked Silverglass's entry- well done, and congrats to CrunchbiteNuva for third place. I really appreciate you guys offering this unique opportunity and any excuse for me to put pencil to paper is fun. I can't think of any better way for me to support the BZPower community. Thanks again, can't wait to see the shirts.
  14. That's a really slick design Silverglass, well done!
  15. Hey, looks like I get to submit a design this year! I was really excited to participate last year, however I misread the rules and unfortunately made up a design with far too many colors. Needless to say I didn't have the time to whip up another. This year I made sure to do it right from the beginning. Thanks for offering this contest and unique opportunity! Good luck to all the entries.
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