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  1. IC "So... Where are you from?" Lavinia asked as she turned to look over at the odd man next to her.
  2. IC Lavinia nodded and slid into the car with him. "Don't worry, Slo, I've got my own connections."
  3. IC "Lavinia Carter... I'm a sort of odd job person." She replied in smooth South African drawl, sticking her hand out to shake again. "Now that we are properly introduced and all."
  4. IC "I told you my real name." She replied with a grin. "As to what I'm looking for, it isn't you, dear. I have another job and well, if I know what you're doing I can determine if I should stay around you. Then again, you are wanted and you can't really do this..." She giggled as her red curls turned into long, chestnut hair.
  5. IC "Yea, yea, goodbye." Lavinia hung up and sighed before turning to smile at Slo. "Sorry, business was calling. Uh, what should we do?"
  6. IC She clicked her tongue unhappily. "There's no need for that. Look, I have to go... If you'd like to send me more information about what I need to do... You know how to reach me."
  7. IC "Oh come on, honey... You know I'm working on it. But things take time. Plus, what better way to join your friends than to be doing stuff like this?" She grinned teasingly as she twirled a lock of hair.
  8. IC Lavinia shrugged and grabbed the phone. "Stacy's late night shop. How can I try to satisfy your dirty needs?" She asked, turning up her accent.
  9. IC "Alright then, Harry Potter." Lavinia muttered as she walked out behind him, still nibbling on her own burger.
  10. IC Woo! Field trip! Lavinia followed behind him, glaring at box guy to let him know he got away...for now. She followed behind Slo and yawned as her hair turned into red curls. "So where are we going?" She asked.
  11. IC "Creepy guy from the bar is watching you." Lavinia replied as she grabbed her burger. "He doesn't look too happy either." She gave a slight nod as her eyes focused on Katsu. "We might want to go."
  12. IC She gave a slight nod as she watched him carefully. "... Did you really just do that?" She asked as she pointed at the former fry.
  13. IC "I have my reasons." She shrugged. "A lot of people don't want to waltz up to the police in this town."
  14. IC Lavinia sighed as she stared out the window. "So..." She replied softly.
  15. IC "Someone is awfully hungry." She commented with a smile before she slid into an empty both in a far corner of the place.
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