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    I love zesty foods and lemons, I suppose. :D
    I have a knack for nostalgia. o:
    I have a tendency to indulge myself in interesting hobbies, that usually die out by the end of the month/year.
    You could say that I'm in a state of flux.

    If I were a matoran, I guess I'd be an Av-Matoran. Like Takua, I'd have the traits of every other elemental matoran. Variety and unique-ness is my main trait, I guess. :D
  1. I was thinking about you changing your avatar into a picture of a lemon a few moments ago. :3

  2. Despite all that was said and done, I feel as though there are more mysteries out there, waiting to be found, waiting to be solved. Thousands upon thousands! An interlocking web of mysteries, intertwining into each other, forming this huge collage of chaos and order. It is an organized anarchy of stories of the people around us and inside us. It is the very fabric of our destined fate.

    1. ZestyLemon


      Deep thoughts. o_o It's late at night, here, where I live. :)))))

    2. Zacian


      Well that was completely random. xD

  3. Welcome to BZPower! =D

    1. ZestyLemon


      Thank you, Protalgif. :) :D

  4. Cool Very original and interesting. Something I imagine the matoran of old Le-Koro would do to ward away infected rahi or something.
  5. Amazing! That was a great epic you wrote. It was an absolute pleasure reading it. It was so good that I could hardly put down my tablet. I love the way your stories incorporate canon events into something that can be truly possible. It seems as if these things were real and actually canon. And, not to mention that I have a thing for these kinds of stories. Your way of writing is so good that it pulls the reader into the story. I believe that the mark of a great author is the ability to create an imaginary world in the mind of the reader, which proves an excellent strategy in making them read more. Another thing is the way you emphasize character development. Despite the characters being canon, your epic truly captures the essence of the character perfectly. Take Hahli for example. From reading the books and comics, and all the little tidbits about her in the serials and so on, you start to develop an understanding for her character. What you did was that you took that understanding and put much more meaning to it, thus enriching the quality of the story. Everything played out perfectly. The dialogue and rapport between the characters was splendid. This was a truly enriching read and I hope to read more from you. Thank you.
  6. Welcome to BZP Zes!

  7. Oh shucks I'm so sorry my bad. o_o Oh shoots is there a way I could delete this? .___.
  8. Hi guys. ZestyLemon over here. XD I guess you guys can call me ZeL or ZL so yeah I know it's kind of odd to be a new member now, with Bionicle ending and all that, but actually I've been contemplating on joining for quite a while already. ) It's just that, a few months back, I was about to, but the forums were down so... yeah. )) Well, all I can say is that I'm glad that things are back to normal. I came to know this site through googling stuff about Bionicle while reminiscing my childhood. )))) I remember how much I loved Bionicle back when I was like, 9 or 10 and would play with them in our garden, making them fly around and stuff. )))) But nonetheless, I'm glad to have found a site where I can hope to reminisce the old, fun times. Soooo I guess thats all.
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