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  1. Hello there! I'm new to the BIONICLE community and was wanting to start a discussion on the story of the original BIONICLE. So, first off, i wanted to address a view things: 1) While this topic title may seem like a hate on the original line, when in fact it is not. I really like the original, you'll soon find out the truth. 2) If, WHEN, i offend someone, please be mature and not act on rage but instead be civil thank you. Alright, lets begin: Have you ever wondered why the original BIONICLE storyline seemed a bit odd a times? Or, have you wondered why the somethings became different as BIONICLE continued as the line progressed? Well, your not alone. As I have dug deep in the wikis and the numerous youtube accounts and videos dedicate to BIONICLE, I have amassed an opinion on the line and wanted to create blogs and other sources around my opinion on the line and address my thoughts on it. The first point of topic is on the first thing BIONICLE told us: The story of Mata Nui: The rocks. So what I mean is when you play MNOG you can see the story of Mata Nui and Makuta with rocks. From this, we learn of Mata Nui and his brother Makuta, or is it that? As BIONICLE progressed, they didn't maintain this idea of the two being brothers. Makuta: The name became a race of beings, and he himself is Teridax. My first opinion is here: Q: Why change it? This change would be one of the worst changes. From the beginning, Makuta has been the brother of Mata Nui for years until one thing changed it all, 2008. Here he was named Teridax and the name Makuta became a race. But here is the major thing: It didn't need to be changed. There was no point in doing so. I really liked the idea of these two brothers descending from the heavens to guide and help the Matoran have a purpose. However, Makuta felt unloved by his own deeds and became forgotten and feared, so he devised a plan out of jealousy and a need for be loved and want to receive these things. It paints the Makuta as a tragic hero in this story and all of that is gone in the following years after 2003. My second topic: The Great Beings Q: Why do they exist? This is where things became, unneeded or to be of existence. I felt like the fans asked to many questions or the creators had to big of a since of lore. The great beings are a terrible addition to the lore. I would have been fine if they didn't include them, after all, Mata Nui could have been the creator of the all the races. My following thoughts on this will be included in the next topic. My Third Topic: The Great Spirit Robot Q: Why does he take this form? This is my least favorite part of BIONICLE, and the worst thing ever. Why does the entire universe exist inside a giant robot?! You see, in the first three years of BIONICLE, we had a very tribal and mystical vibe from BIONICLE. It was AMAZING! It was so unique and brilliant. I love how they combined the environment with the lore and the characters. It was so unique. It also works for the story: Elemental wielding characters that live in this environment that fits their element. However, as BIONICLE continued, this concept is destroyed. 2004 began the downfall of BIONICLE, but some years would mainain a good tribal vibe: 2006 and 2007. But 2008 was the death of BIONICLE. It destroyed all that we learned about BIONICLE. IT created a sense of artificialness. Heres what I mean: Robot-like beings living in a organic environment: 2001 - 2003, and 2006-2007. Robot-like beings that live in a robotic environment the entire story. It also destroys the concept of the Mata Nui being a great spirit. Heres what the whole topic is about. The entire story of BIONICLE is one big RETCON If BIONICLE was meant to be what was revealed in 2008, then why trick and lie to the fans from 2001-2010? You have us believe one thing, then completely shift it another way. Characters we once believed to be bigger then life are downgraded to nothing but insects. The world we knew and loved became artificial. The mystical story we loved became a lie. You see, thats why i hate theses changes, they destroyed and made everything a lie. But it was all a retcon. Changes made to make the story to appeal to the Great Spirit reveal. So, in more opinion, the original story is trash But not the concepts. This is why i will be writing a story called: BIONICLE: The Spiritual Story This writing holds on to the concepts that we were told in 2001 and maintains those concepts. I will be rewriting a lot of the story as well in order to maintain the concepts. So, how to you feel about my opinion? Tell me your thoughts. Sorry if I have offended anyone, but i have been wanting to talk about this opinion of mine for awhile.
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