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  1. Oddly enough, I feel indifferent about the animations. They seem (cute?) and grabs my eye as they are animations to get you ready for the new sets. But when it transfers onto my sets, that's when my mind kind of goes like "huh?". But like I said earlier, if it's war paint then thats cool I guess, but it really doesn't seem that way. It looks out of place for what Bionicle is. My thoughts though and I just shared some concern that maybe Lego was getting lazy, but that's already been discussed. Also I see a lot of people talking about CCBS and I for one would like to state (if I already haven't) that I don't mind CCBS from technic or whatever the previous generation is called (if someone could tell me), it's just that it's weird seeing hero factory feet on a toa when the protectors get a brand new mold for their feet (I think).
  2. Yeah, I kind of would have guessed that. Your opinions are becoming pretty predictable. And your hatred of my opinions is getting really annoying. Dear, dear Toa Salvus. We don't HATE your opinions, we DISAGREE with them. What we DO hate is the way you continually try to force your negativity into every possible discussion, or, in the case of an initially negative discussion like this one, the way you dig your heels in and ignore everyone else's well-reasoned counterarguments. And despite your attempts to get chummy-chummy with folks like the original poster of this topic, you're pretty much alone in that. THEY'RE voicing valid (if subjective) criticisms of the new line, and when they do make an assertion that is inaccurate and someone explains it to them, they accept the correction and rephrase their criticism accordingly. Meanwhile, YOU continue to make bogus claims to try to legitimize your irrational hatred (like your preposterous claims that Hero Factory and The Lego Movie didn't have a story, or that Throwbots DID), and when you're called on it you just move on to a different angle to attack the new theme from. It's tiring.I hope being chummy isn't a bad thing. I understand that my opinion is unpopular so I'm treading lightly. Besides, the opinions I'm hearing are appreciated and are helping me better understand the reason for the appreciation of the reboot besides the fact it wears the Bionicle name.
  3. I would not call Lord of Skull Spiders an exception. With luck, there will be many more sets like that. It really shows that the CCBS was never meant to totally replace Technic.But that really brings up something many people seem miss. The "Technic-ness" of old BIONICLE is not what sets it apart from the new BIONICLE. Really, the new BIONICLE sets use Technic about as extensively as old-school BIONICLE canister sets ever did. And even Hero Factory did not refrain from using Technic for larger sets like Dragon Bolt, Jet Rocka, and Evo XL Machine.BIONICLE has always been separated to a great extent from mainstream Technic, which is big part of why Technic fans in the AFOL community often thumb their noses at BIONICLE and other constraction themes. Regular LEGO Technic has never been defined by unique, decorative molds the way Throwbots, Roboriders, and BIONICLE were. Rather, most Technic sets have always been very practical and minimalistic compared to BIONICLE sets. Today's Technic sets are about as smooth and streamlined as the CCBS, just without the same amount of articulation or organic shaping. This smoothness helps the sets feel clean and refined, and on some levels, more professional than the likes of this and this which had more decorative shaping and detail.Perfect. That's another aspect I miss so much. I saw the chest plates and I read what you made of them. I just don't feel the paint vibe everyone is talking about. Again, I don't mind them as much, but it just feels out of place. Granted, however, it does looks very detailed.
  4. Yeah I think cartoon was a mistake on my part. I didn't realize it was war paint. Still kinda odd but it's not worth griping or getting irked over.
  5. Then you've obviously never heard of transformers Masterpiece. I'm sorry, did they at some point stop making a majority of Transformers toys for kids when they released the Masterpiece line? Did I miss something here? Did Hasbro stop marketing Transformers toys towards children? I'm sure this is for me so I'll take it. It's cool that it looks like it's made for kids. Obviously too if you see the age recommendation on the box. Unrealistic and cartooney is what I said, not childish. MNOG, the most fondly-remembered piece of media from 2001, was pretty much every bit as cartoony as the Okoto animations. Heck, it even had , for christ's sake. The patterns themselves, I still don't see what's unrealistic and cartoony about. They have some vents, some intricate shiny detailing, and some streaks of "body paint". First off, let's not create animosity. I'm fine with the animations! I loved the MNOG as much as the next guy, mate. I don't like how it was translated on to the chest pieces themselves. Again, if the intention was to create body paint, then I'll respect that decision.
  6. Personally, I think the smoother textures are an evolution of what we used to have. You're right that this is different from what we used to have, but you're also assuming that the things that separate it from the old BIONICLE are what made the old BIONICLE cool.Intricately molded detail is not as special as you make it out to be (there are all kinds of much cheaper toy robot figures that are covered with molded detail), and in many cases overuse of it just amounts to clutter. As I see it, the smooth contours of the newer sets help them to look cleaner and more refined than classic BIONICLE sets used to be.And the printed chest plates don't seem at all to me like they're supposed to be some "substitute" for molded detail. Rather, they add a totally different KIND of detail, just like the printing did on the faceplates of the Bohrok-Kal. It's like tribal war paint or automotive detailing. They aren't about making the shapes more complex, but rather about adding color and decoration.That's a pretty cool way of thinking about it. I'll keep that in mind when I see them again. I'm open to new ideas and I like the kinds of points being brought up in how you see them instead. Then you've obviously never heard of transformers Masterpiece.Proto, I agree with you, textured detail adds so much to a set that mere printing cannot. I still feel that way too. I'm glad you agree! But to everyone, I'm glad to hear different opinions and I'm stoked to see the next line of future Bionicle. i dont think anyone is right or wrong in this matter because I find that this is controversial considering this is a reboot. I guess I'm an old light
  7. I'm sure this is for me so I'll take it. It's cool that it looks like it's made for kids. Obviously too if you see the age recommendation on the box. Unrealistic and cartooney is what I said, not childish.
  8. How are the new prints/stickers any more cartoonish than Tuma's Skrall patterns or the Bohrok Kal's scaly headplates? All of them serve the purpose of bringing some Bionicle aesthetic to an otherwise blank piece. Besides, the new chest prints are definitely like tattoos, or body paint, or some other decoration. Why else would there be such bold streaks of color? I don't think it's static; the introduction of a gearbox alone is an advancement in the CCBS building system never seen before. I suppose the limbs are fairly typical for a CCBS set, but then again, Bionicle canister sets stopped innovating with limb design in 2006, so it's hardly something Old!Bionicle didn't do before, and worse. You bring good points. I stopped collecting Bionicle from a certain point. Maybe it's because of what you said above or if I got older and lost interest. All true things you've said above. I don't take toa for having tatoos or paint, but if that's the direction the writers want to take then I respect the decision. Again, I'll be waiting for the bigger sets like to the level of the T9 or the Kikonalo to make any more judgements. Everything I stated prior were first impressions and feelings. Definitely subject to change through time..
  9. You are on an online forum about a toyline for children, that has a tie-in animated series.The gen1 stuff were pretty serious looking even for being a toyline. Just cause the gen1 had a comic tie in, doesn't mean that I found comic decals on my toa, just saying. Granted I'm on a forum for a toy line, but Bionicle is pretty important to me for some reason
  10. Tuma had stickers, and the Bohrok Kal had printed faceplates. Printed designs are nothing new to Bionicle. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the term "nostalgia glasses". Why would nostalgia glasses cause someone to enjoy something different from what they had in their childhood? If anything, you're the one with the nostalgia glasses on, considering every last one of your criticisms revolves around why the Bionicle of your childhood was "better". The canisters of old are gone because LEGO is actually trying to become aware of the impact they have on the environment, which is good. Caring about the Earth we live on is a good thing. It doesn't matter how many canisters you have if the entire human race is dead. Hey! I understand what you're saying about the stickers being on the other sets but they weren't centerpieces for the set. They were more like tatoos. These new stickers seem cartoonish from my standpoint. And again, I'm fine without the canisters. It was dissapointing at first, but the boxes grew on me over time because of the fact it didn't affect the building experience and it helped the environment.
  11. I just find the printed patterns to be lazy. I understand that it's cost efficient, and I respect that decision, but that's not representative of the Bionicle I used to know. It feels like a different brand with a Bionicle name tag. Some people are totally okay with the printed chest plates, but who's stopping them from continuing to create printed pieces? I'm not saying the new toa are lacking creativity, but the printed pieces are definitely not innovative. And again, whats stopping them from continuing to create printed pieces when I'd rather be BUILDING it and feeling the textures with my hands of a new mold instead of just being limited to SEEING it Am I expecting too much? Of course! Clearly I'm seeing BIONICLE on the box, so I'm being promised a Bionicle, but I feel I'm receiving less of that. It looks cartooney and less serious/ realistic. The feeling of realism in a Bionicle made it that much cooler even if this universe was clearly fiction. I appreciate the sets and find their gear functions and frail mask attatchments to be VERY representative of Bionicle. I think that these sets are a blast to build from the looks of it and definitely appeals to an audience that's not me. But I feel it doesn't deserve the title of being a Bionicle. I get it. It's a reboot and I should be glad that it's back and support it. But it feels like I sent my child away in good health and a different kid just knocked on my door. I expected evolution. I'm not saying the 2015 is a downgrade, but it's static from HF. That was a lot to say and probably unpopular, but I'm hoping more people see it the way I do. I don't want to bring the 2015 sets down, I want to make them better. Why settle for less when it used to be something greater? The cost doesn't worry me. Onua has waaay more pieces than Tahu and they're both the same price range.
  12. I like this guy! You obviously have taken off your nostalgia glasses and hopped of the "hype train" and seen this new bionicle for what it is, rebranded hero factory. I'm sorry to say it, but take away the mask, weapon, and gearbox, and that's what you have. Gone are the canisters of old, replaced with cereal boxes. (Kopaka crunch?) Gone are the mask packs and their teasing us with that one mask you just cant live without. Buddy, I can see that your new here, and I want you to know, your not alone. I agree, I miss the old charm it used to have and the need to collect every bionicle.
  13. Thanks for the thoughts guys! I totally get what you folks are getting at. But when I mean stickers, I mean the chest plates in general are reliant on a decal which isn't how Bionicle is usually done. Also the protectors got (what I think are) new feet, but the toa are left with the HF feet which just seems undedicated to me. For a lot of these sets, I'm paying $15-20 per, sometimes more if you live else where. Takanuva with his vehicle was around $20 upon its release, granted a different time, but not that long ago which was (in my opinion) A COOL SET. Again, I understand that this may be a test run, or pilot, as some may call it, but I guess I'll wait for the Titan sets to come out and make my final decision then. And I've accepted the paper boxes every since Mahri Nui came out. Maybe I'll grow to accept the new 2015 guys just the same, but I'm missing that raw quality Bionicle used to have. For some reason it just feels rebranded. I appreciate the thoughts that you guys are putting in. I'm glad that I've found bzpower
  14. First off, I'm glad to be a part of the forums guys. Now on to Bionicle stuff. After seeing the new sets that have just been released, am I the only one who's been extremely underwhelmed? Granted, it won't be the same as rattling that Canister covered in wrapping paper during my 4th grade birthday party, but seeing the sets as they are now just doesn't feel like Bionicle to me. First off, I wish they'd stop with the stickers. Maybe if it was Knight's Kingdom or something that'd be okay, but Bionicle ALWAYS made dedicated pieces for their sets. Now it seems like they won't take the time to create a new cool chest mold for the new toa. Also seeing the feet be the CCBC (I think that is what it is called?), or simply the HF feet, seems really lazy on Lego's part. I remember every new generation of Toa had new feet, new chest plates, and things that (for the most part) felt original and actually new. I'm not in any way hating in Hero Factory, but if I'm paying $20 for a Bionicle, I want to receive a BIONICLE, know what I'm sayin? Some people might say that this is maybe a pilot run to see how the newer generation of kids will respond to the products, thus the lack of 100% dedicated parts, which i understand, but as a guy who grew up loving Bionicle, it pains me to see it go this way. Things I appreciate are the fact that I get to see Bionicle back on the shelves and the cool new masks and weapons. But if that's all there is to it, I can't see myself putting the money into these sets, especially because I'm tight on budget in the first place. But that's just me? What about you? I'd like to see what you guys think. I apologize if this is a repost of some sort.
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