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  1. That would be awesome but I doubt it, due to the legs being made of static angled half beams. Still a really great moc!
  2. Yeah, I started off making the legs using technic buckets, then realized I had bare minimum yellow bionicle parts
  3. Just dropping a late topic on my entry! Still don't know how to add images to topics though, so here are image links. https://ibb.co/ccJKVf https://ibb.co/bOiKVf https://ibb.co/cQDKVf Thanks for looking!
  4. Wow, looks good! Reminds me a bit of those little Hero Factory spiders
  5. Well, I was recently watching The Legend Reborn again, and saw this symbol I never saw before. https://ibb.co/niOL26 It is the symbol on the left of the Robot on the gold coin. Can anyone tell me what it is? Thanks.
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