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  1. Kotu existed in MNOG, but was mentioned only by name and probably was the Matoran taking care over Tarakava, but that's not certain. Pretty much insignificant, tho.
  2. Yes, exactly. This is my second possible option. One of my friends thinks that way. I'm rather the follower of "it's 2001 yellow Tamaru" theory, because LEGO probably wouldn't create new plastic color for just one character. But everything is possible. Maybe he's between lime and yellow. But not lime. And neither is he keetorange for sure.
  3. Hello friends and fans of Bionicle. I'm writing this post in an issue that is bugging my Bionicle friends for years now, and is indeed bugging me way since probably 2003, when I've first seen the Tamaru website and his rendered image. At first, I'll define some colors: Teal - the color used i.e. for Tohunga Kongu 2001 mask and feet. Lime - the color used i.e. for Turaga Matau 2001 mask.Green - the color used i.e. for Toa Lewa 2001 mask. Yellow - the color used i.e. for Tohunga Jala 2001 mask and feet. Now that I have this out of the way, let's start. I think that Tamaru is not Lime-Teal, but he's Yellow-Green instead. Let me explaing you why. At first, there never was an official brick LEGO set of Tamaru. He never phisically existed, unlike Jala, Huki, Maku, Kongu, Onepu, Matoro, Hafu, Nuparu, Hahli, Takua, or Kopeke. He only appeared as a 3D model: He's also one of Matoran from Mata-Nui Online Game, Bohrok Online Animations and Mata-Nui Online Game 2. And that's were the misunderstandments come from. If you look at Tamaru 3D, you'll hardly see his supposed tealness and limeness. That's because he really isn't Lime and Teal. He's clearly Yellow and Green. Don't belive me? Here's side be side comparison with Kongu, with who he's supposed to have the same color palette, but in reverse. Below is also Lewa and Matau: Kongu's body, Lewa's hands and legs and Matau's mask, hands and legs are the same, lime color, no one denies that. Which is different than the color of Tamaru mask and feet. It is not the same color! The color of Tamaru mask is something that is not present on that picture at all. Also, look at Tamaru's hands and body. It is green. It is the same shade of green used by Lewa's mask, body and weapon, and by Matau's weapon and feet. The color of Tamaru's body is different than the color of Kongu's mask and feet. This concludes that Tamaru is Yellow-Green. IF Tamaru WAS TO BE Lime and Teal, he would look different. He would look like this. But he doesn't. And he never will because he's not lime. He is yellow. To cement this, I have both pictures of Lime Rau and Yellow Rau. Side by side: And, compared with Jalla's mask: You can also say "but if Jaller and Tamaru both have yellow mask, why they look slightly different?" And that's kind of true. Tamaru's yellow is teensy-weensy more limeish, and Jaller's yellow is teensy-weensy more orangeish. Until you look at the bigger picture and compare their backgrounds. Jaller is in front of a volcano, His background is orange. Tamaru is in front of a jungle. His background is green. That's why these yellows look a bit different. Notice that Kongu has the same background that Tamaru has, but he has no yellowness and greenness on him. So that proves even more that Kongu has different colors than Tamaru. So let's end it with a conclusion: TAMARU IS YELLOW You may also disagree. It's ok. In MNOG, BOG and MNOG2, Tamaru was not yellow, he was lime. That is true. But what I think that MNOG should not be trusted that much, it is much less canonical than official LEGO pictures. How? 1. Was the MNOG Pakari an acurate depiction of Kanohi Pakari? 2. Was the official Kanohi of Taipu Ruru like in MNOG, or was it Pakari like on photos? 3. Was the official Kanohi of Hafu Pakari like in MNOG, or was it Ruru like on photos? 4. Was the official Kanohi of Kapura Pakari like in MNOG, or was it Ruru like on photos? 5. If the color of Matoro's mask is SandBlue, why was it never any different than MdBlue in MNOG? Since forever, there was this weird dichotomy between the canon and what MNOG was portraying. Things like love from MNOG are also not canonical. Since basically 2003 I've learned that MNOG is not so trustworthy. But I've also concluded that Tamaru was destined to be yellow. It's not really that weird, since Ta-Matoran can be black, and so can Po-Matorans and even Ko-Matorans. Onu-Matorans can be Tan like Po-Matorans, or Orange like Ta-Matorans. Colors seems so flexible in case of Matorans. Yellow fits the element of Air. Why not? Yellow is just a color between Green and Red. To me Tamaru is yellow, but since there is no physical set of him, we will never know for sure. But I believe that 3D model is the most relevant depiction here, and the true Tamaru in MNOG should look like this: Please write, what are your opinions on that matter? I know what I say may feel very heretical. But trust me. It really isn't if you consider my way of thinking and the logic I use.
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