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  1. This will be the prices for now. If somebody are interested, I only accept Danish currency. You will pay the paypal fee and shipping. For pictures and more info, see my Bricklink shop https://store.bricklink.com/BGP&utm_content=globalnav#/terms 6 pcs Yellow Huna = 3000 DKK a pcs ( around 455$ ) 19 pcs Green Tohunga Claw Arm = 100 DKK a pcs ( around 15$ ) 14 pcs Black Kanoka Disc = 200 DKK a pcs ( around 30$ )
  2. I got them in a trade, only knowing it was bionicle parts, nothing else. All lego collectors I know, consider bionicle as garbage ( sorry to say ). So there can be many unseen "prototypes" laying around in former lego employees houses. But I dont think lego only makes 1 prototype, normally they make a casting which contains several pieces. But how many of them that survives is more the question. But it's always exciting buying a lego lot of a lego employees. You newer know what you buy. That's how i got the Brown Komau.
  3. Maybe they are prototypes, bootlegs or even fake, I dont know. But if mine are fake/bootleg, then all your "prototypes" could be fake/bootleg. In fact, I had sorted them all out and "marked" to throw them away, because i thought they maybe was fake. But what i have learned from buying/selling Lego, is that you should always research first, and then i found this forum. But these "prototypes" were part of a trade, with all the bionicle parts that are currently for sale in my Bricklink store. I still need to sort some new bags, where I know that there is a minimum of 20 new Infected Hau. All the bags on the floor contains each 2 infected Hau - https://imgur.com/a/go2JBlk And what i can see in on this forum, some of you know Lego Galidor Makarr. A never released set, and hart to find actually pictures of. Here is a picture, from when i owned it https://imgur.com/a/WmHMY9H
  4. He hasnt been online for 5 years
  5. https://imgur.com/a/22kg1vT https://imgur.com/a/YUepcBy https://imgur.com/a/UgL0qfY
  6. The grey head isn't the same as on bricklink, they are different. i just found this link, and it's look like the mask i have. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=207307.
  7. Hi I'm new to this forum. Hope is OK that i'm posting this here. I recently found these in a large Bionicle lot. So i hope you can help determing the value, or if it's going to recycling. yellow mask = texture looks weird, and no part number green arm = The plastic is softer than those with part number. Grey face = no part number, and forehead and buttom looks different from the original https://imgur.com/a/EheYAMx https://imgur.com/a/URvAXHA https://imgur.com/a/mFyOGbt https://imgur.com/a/Pftm0vR https://imgur.com/a/4odt5va i also would like som prices on these mask and disc https://imgur.com/a/ptq5NMJ https://imgur.com/a/P96ONCQ https://imgur.com/a/NALosbU https://imgur.com/a/6ejQXnP regards, Brian
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