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  1. There are parts of CCBS I love, parts I despise. The feet, I love. The B&S peripherals, I loathe. I could definitely see a hybrid skeleton type somewhere between CCBS (B&S core joints) and Technic (P&A peripheral connection) with digitigrade motion allowed. I have a pretty hefty shipment of CCBS, Technic and Bionciel prefabs coming in over the next week, so I'll see what is possible with feet for that. As far as a prototype is concerned, I will need to use System to achieve the hinge, but there are at least two methods which will certainly work (one suited for Piraka-esque builds and one suited for Toa-esque builds). I'll see what I can come up with after work today. Will post images once it's all together.
  2. That type of hand would be fairly easy to achieve on a canister-scale build if designed for that purpose. The finger count is the only concern on a limited size like that, given the fingers will need to be fairly stout. Personally I'm not a huge fan of gearbox elements in a build. They can work well, but they require a specialized torso which often leaves limited room for shells and peripherals. That being said, the community is very good at custom builds using gears, but these are almost always at too large a scale for typical canisters. Designing a mid-scale geared torso which has intuitive and adaptable attachment points (P&A is far better at this than B&S though both can work well) might not be as tricky as we think -- the basic Metru torso has a lot of potential to be slightly scaled up a bit, also incorporating the all-important waist articulation. I'm not entirely sure what you're describing with the feet. Did you just want the ankle further back and for the front of the foot to have limited verticle articulation (so you can better pose the foot if held in a rearward position, such as a sprinting stance)?
  3. Bionicle as a franchise is convoluted and suffered from "going wide" on its marketing. However, as the once-premier LEGO "action figure" line, it remains something incredible and holds a special place in our hearts. It still keeps its not-so-cult following among generalists and purists alike. The simple fact is, there is nothing else quite like it. Brands come and go, but a construction system like Bionicle has yet to be truly replicated. Bionicle practically established the archetype within the market and is still very much the golden standard for action figure construction systems. So yes, the fan base is strong and steady. Bionicle is not going away any time soon and neither are we. While the future of a "Gen-3" release is up for debate, without a current LEGO action figure construction system in continuation, something is bound to come along soon enough, whether that is Bionicle, Hero factory or a new brand entirely. You can be sure that we'll still be around to see it hit the shelves when it does.
  4. Let's assume for a moment that Bionicle is officially re-launched for a third generations. As an example, a continuation of the first generation narrative following the events of the reformation of Spherus Magna. For a simple plot hook, let's say that a new source of energized protodermis is discovered, once again igniting the Core War but also heralding the updated look of our heroes -- Toa, Glatorian, Matoran and Agori alike. What unified art style and build type seems most likely? At a guess, I'd say a hybrid style is most likely, something which combines the structural integrity of the CCBS skeleton with the customization of Technic, with a healthy dose of first generation Bionicle assets to maintain the original art style as much as possible. One notable change would likely be the deletion of B&S shells returning to P&A while retaining the CCBS core. While at a glance this doesn't seem too far separated from the Inika core, it has the advantage of more humanoid proportions as offered by Hero Factory without the potential clumsiness and blandness of the shells. I've spent a couple of days fiddling around with a prototype build (which amusingly enough doesn't even make use of CCBS due to a lack of parts -- I've had to scour my collection for the tightest fitting classic Technic and Bionicle pieces in lieu of rubberized joints) to achieve a mid-size skeleton with the same levels of articulation we are used to with both Inika and Hero Factory skeletons, though with the addition of limited torso articulation for improved flexibility. I'm quite chuffed to say that I achieved the articulation I sought. The end result -- my portrayal of The Kingdom Toa Dalu, up-armoured to reflect her usual aggressive depiction -- is a combination of common prefab parts (Nokama/Dalu mask, Nuva chest, Hordika feet, Vahki legs, etc...) and Technic elements to fill in her figure while also avoiding the blockiness or thinness often found in hybrid builds. And perhaps more importantly to many veteran MOCers here, I've avoided the infamous Nuva shoulder "breast plates" while still suggesting a female physique with the use of Technic "teeth" providing some curves. The techniques I've used aren't exactly groundbreaking either, but together they form a build as sturdy as an Inika/CCBS with much superior proportions and extra articulation with an overall size only slightly larger than a typical Inika build. This prototype build combines classic ball & socket articulation with the sort of well-proportioned figure only Technic can really achieve, without being overly complex on a mid-size scale. Most importantly, this was all achieved with a mind to the classic look of Bionicle, being clearly robotic though suggesting organic influence. Once I work out some good lighting, I'll include some images displaying these features. But that's not a priority at the moment (and lighting will be a pain to organize...) The question I am here to ask is: What would a third generation of Bionicle look like and how would it be constructed in keeping with the classic styles which have defined the first generation? Would it be a modified CCBS skeleton with pin & axle attachments and improved articulation using many existing assets? Would it lean more towards somewhat static Technic construction with highly custom construction? Or might it be an entirely new mold introducing many completely unique assets and forgoing either Technic or CCBS techniques altogether? In my mind, CCBS almost got it right when used in Gen-2. While the skeleton itself was fantastic and offered a lot of versatility in a stable build -- perfect for customs and prefabs alike -- the shells with their B&S connection lost the feel of classic Bionicle. A modified or expanded CCBS which returns to a pin & axle shell configuration using a combination of prefabs and Technic assets would be in order to keep the best of both worlds. *** LINK TO IMAGE*** https://imgur.com/gallery/hUxjfmI
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