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  1. Great designs. Go participates!!!
  2. time for something new!!!! vote Makuta for a brighter and better world!!! I guess IF you NEED the bzpower logo on the shirt it COULD be on the back if you want, but it would NOT look good on the front of the shirt unless you put it under the vote makuta, but I'd stick to the back. The front is a simple design really, not complex not a lot of money. you still have to have some substance on it though. Simply logic.
  3. Vote Makuta!!!!!! (You know you want to!!!) Good guys always win and everyone knows it. It's time for a change. It's the villains turn to win at least something. I mean you gotta feel bad for some of them. This is the greatest villain of all time!!!! And he deserves to be appreciated by at least so some people who love him for who he is. Makuta is the best!!! Adobe Illustrator File for this design is available upon request.
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