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    Ra-Koro Island. (Think Lake Erie, you silly BzP-er... you.)
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    Whoa. Someone's actually reading this! *whistles to self in starteld amazement*<br><br>Mata Nui! Someone with less of a life than mua! Zoinks! I never thought I'd see the day...<br><br>Well... I like Bionicle. And ninjas. And stories. And knitting. And dogs. And exercise. And useless chatter. And... Well, a lot of things, really. (Not kidding about the knitting thing.)<br><br>Right now, I'm interested in how much of this nonsense you'll read, and blah, blah-blah, blah, blah. <br><br>*Your eyes widen as the chatter continues. Stormclouds gather to block out the sun. Nature itself attempt to fight against the onslaught of gibberish.*<br><br>I'm currently in the school of the high, meant both ways, and look forward to soon leaving it. College yo! (I shall not say the 'h' version. Wrong message altogether.)<br><br>*You clap your hands over your eyes and try to run away, but you have suddenly developed X-ray vision, and your entire body, with the exception of your hand, which keeps scrolling down, cannot move.*<br><br>The summer shall hold many challenges for me, as I shall soon be taking a butt-kicking road trip all over the US of A. Varoom! Varoom-varoom-varoom! (Supposed to be a car revving up.)<br><br>*Lightning begins to strike outside. A hole appears in the roof over your head, and rain pours through it, but a force field has appeared around your computer and the water cannot shut it out.*<br><br>Currently, I am spending my time writing ridiculous stories about both my personal character, and a whole host of figments of my imagination. (See the 'Hub' in the Short Stories forum if you want the links to them)<br><br>*A raging flood sweeps throughout your house (or wherever it is you are at the moment), floating your couch away. The force field does not budge, and instead expands to include you as well, preventing you from being swept away.*<br><br>I am also still exploring the site, which seems to have doubled in size since I've gotten here and is growing every second. My eyes burn!<br><br>And now I've done gone and run out of things to say... Darn it all to heck!<br><br>Later dude/tte!<br><br>-Crissi<br><br>*You sigh in relief as the rain stops and you are released from your sudden bout of palarisis. Everything slowly returns to normal, leaving you to believe that all you experinced was just a horrible delusion. But Crissi knows the truth, and starts laughing her mask off.*

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