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  1. Thanks! I'm glad they stood the test of time pretty well. Thanks! And sure, go right ahead
  2. Hey BZP, long time no see. I was looking through the more dust-ridden recesses of my hard drive when I came upon a bunch of Bionicle-themed 3D renderings I'd done back in the day, around 2009 or so. Nostalgia reared its head with a mighty roar and I scoured the rest of my computer for artifacts of this bygone age. Once I ran out of things on my computer I decided to have a look on the net, see if BZPower was still around. Lo' and behold, here you are. You haven't aged a bit (though I must say I haven't gotten a single server busy message, guess you lost your groove!) Well, the old forums seem to be gone, and with them all my work, so that was that for my nostalgia trip. We had a good run, I loved it while it lasted. As a kind of sendoff here are the renders that sent me down nostalgia lane. It's not like they were doing anything useful just sitting in my PC. Besides, I don't believe I ever actually published them, so hey, they're not even reposts. Anyway, these are re-imaginings of some Bionicle villains. I thought they had a darker, grittier vibe to them than usual, hence "grimderp". Excuse the XBOX-HUGE images, I guess younger me was illiterate when it came to viewing convenience. You can right-click and open image in new window if you want to zoom in on details. Exhibit 1: F.E.A.R. the Swarm Bohrok Va In retrospect these guys kinda look like murderous pit droids from Star Wars. I'm not sure if that was what I was going for, but I suppose it's only fitting considering their role in the Bohrok swarm. Bohrok Does the design look familiar? Perhaps it should! If you haven't guessed from the name, I got the idea from the REV6 enemies in the video game F.E.A.R. Basically I thought it'd be sorta cool if Bohrok hierarchy worked like a nesting doll instead of having 2 different Bohrok types. The Krana control the Bohrok Va, the Bohrok Va in turn pilot power-suits to become full-size Bohrok. The Va is colored red here so you can better see how he fits in the Bohrok. And yes, its weapons are LEGO Technic missile launchers/cannons. Bohrok Kal The Bohrok Kal is likewise based on one of the enemies in the F.E.A.R. franchise. However, in my rendition the Kal aren't exo-suits for Bohrok Va, and are instead completely autonomous robots. I kept the LEGO parts theme going for its weapon arms, since I thought they looked pretty funny that way. Exhibit 2: Hive Fleet Makuta Rahkshi Ever since I first saw them I thought Rahkshi were meant to have tails. They're gangly, reptilian, and hunched over. Sometimes I wonder if the only reason they didn't have tails was because of technical limitations of LEGOs. Surely I can't be the only one. Makuta aka Mecha-Tyranid Carnifex. I just thought that Makuta and the Rahkshi should resemble one another more, since they are supposed to be of the same essence. After making a robot T-Rex and giving it extra arms I sat back and thought "yep, Tyranids", so I finished it off by giving it armor plating, scythe-like claws and saber teeth. Bonus exhibit: Vahki (Can you spot the Terminator resemblance in the torso?) If memory serves my original idea was to have modular, interchangeable weapons and equipment that the Vahki could attach to its arms and back. Guess they didn't make the cut, or else are buried somewhere on the hard drive. Oh well. As some amusing trivia, these models were originally made so I could use them as illustrations in a fanfic, which was anything but serious and grimdark, so it's sort of puzzling to me how they ended up being so sinister looking. Heh. Well, there you have it, an ode to my childhood, and I daresay my last topic here on BZPower as a fond farewell If you happen to be one of the old guard and recognize me, cheers! Remember the time you did that one cool thing and made it into the hot topics list? I 'member. Hope y'all had as great a time as I did, and best of luck with whatever you're up to now! That's about all. See ya!
  3. Voted Onua, though afterwards I sort of paused and wondered why I did. I don't recall much of his character, but I guess he's always appealed to me somehow.
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