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    I was a huge Bionicle fan, back in the day. But sadly, as i grew older, and the storyline started losing it, I *mistake* got addicted to Runescape *mistake* and completely forgot about BZP. After forgetting and changing my password many, many times, i just gave up and stopped getting on BZP. After I got over *mistake* Runescape *mistake* (which i still play, lol..) , I remembered how much I loved Bionicles, and then I remembered BZP. <br /><br />When i first started, I was pretty much a newb, (Isn't everyone a newb when they start? REDUNDANCY@#&@(#!) and I remember my first few friends, Keral and Hahlin. We where the "Totally Tubular Trio", (which i just made up) but anyway, we where close friends. Before that, i remember the first thing i did to start making a name for myself, I became a BZP Comic writer. After many failed attempts, I finally made it big with "High School Moments" not to be mistaked with "High School Musical" (High School Moments came out way before! They're the posers.) And i actually started having a lot of friends, and fans =O.. But anyway, I've got to go to bed and i'll continue this tomorrow. Night-Night nobody reading this.<br /><br />Okie Dokie, I'm back. Time to continue the interesting saga that is my BZP life. After a few months of working on High School Moments, (which has been a hot topic a lot of times :D), It started to die down, because I sadly had no Wi-Fi for around 3 months (DEATH-SENTENCE), and when I came back, the topic had died and I wasn't able to revive it :[. So, I made High School Moments 2. ... Didn't work out as well, never got too far before I had to stop making them again, disappointing the barely few fans I had by screwing up the story's plot.. <br /><br />After that died, I got bored and decided I needed something new to do. So, I became a game maker. Back then, the best two major game makers that had a huge influence on my work was Algernon (who's now banned :|), And Roody, or Roodaka, Whatever account name he/she goes by now, I have no clue. After making a few noob games to start out with, I again made it big (well, not really) with my game "Web Of Shadows" based on the series. That went on for around a few more months, then i had a new hobby.<br /><br />When I installed game maker, to make the games (Teehee), I remember the hardest part for me, was getting all the animations down correctly for every little object, so the game ran smoothly. Animation became my new favorite thing. Using game maker, I opened up a sort of Animation shop, and i started making Avatars and Banners for friends/people who requested it. That was when I became friends with Keral, (Who i don't think is a BZP'er anymore) He was also an Animator, and we both had respect for each others work. Keral later on introduced me to Hahlin, (Not quite sure what he did) And us three became best friends.<br /><br />My next hobby, was influenced by them. Keral was the first person who got me to play Runescape. Then I found the Runescape topic on BZP, which led me to meet Varaka, and Makar. Back then Makar used to make a whole bunch of kits that I used in my comics/animations, and we started to become friends. That's all for today, i'll add more tommorow. Time to get my post count up :D<br /><br /><br />Coldplay <3<br /><br />Fan ever since X&Y.

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