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  1. IC: Aq stood waiting until the last moment when he suddenly side-stepped the charging Lesterin, which made Aq behind Korru. Aq using his massive arms grabbed Korru from behind and threw him in the direction of a natural stone formation. ..Not the moment to use elemental attacks here..need to conserve that...though it would be perfect to shock him while his mid-air.
  2. OOC: Sword is metal. Armor is metal. Maybe not touching, but still close enough, and even if it was like a yard away, elemental manipulation, looks like it arced, but it reality Aq's just directed to you as well from the sword. Permission to have a few auto-hits in? I give you permission for a few auto-hits as well. Lets go for a max of 13 damaging contact hits, but try to avoid getting that high. IC: Ghoti crawled away from the fight. She had a few options...She coudl fly away and leave Korru alone to fight, freak out near the Kilkano corpse, or help Korru fight. ..If I try to fly away, I'll get shocked, and drop fromt he sky. If I fight i'll get shocked and pounded. Ghoti decided to frak out next to the Kilikano corpse. "Why would they hire a member of the Lightning Trio? Anybody but them..." whispered Ghoti as she rocked back and forth in the fetal position.
  3. IC: Aq struck out his hands and lightning stream out of his fingertips into the sword and arced onto Korru. "No weapons!" said Aq. OOC: Mask versus mask, hand to hand, and Aq will use his lightning powers very occasionally from this point on. He's already drained a sixth of his supplies, as the lightning trio has less elemental energy than typical toa. Ghoti will help..soonish.
  4. IC:"Hello fellow members of the crew." said Sonuva smiling sticking his hand out to be shaken.
  5. IC:Aq stared at the Lesterin and smiled. He threw Ghoti at Korru, and the Kilikano head on the ground. He stomped on and crushed the the head of the Kilikano."AQ SMASH!" roared at Korru, beating his chest.
  6. IC:"Alright, what can I do to help?" asked Sonuva. "And who else is on the crew, and how many more do you need?" ***Aq saw his target approaching. Now according to the plan, he's suppose to send a lightning flash in the opposite direction as signal to his brothers, but he decided he'd wait. It has been too long since Aq has gotten to fight by himself, and he felt like he deserved it after his long wait. He considered his possible methods of approach. He had few in his mind that allow him easily capture her, but they involved no fighting. He then figured out the best method to invoke a fight, and then tried to figure how to prevent escape. He knew Ghoti wore Mask of Flight, though shaped like another, and she might escape. The other was Sentinel, and was likely will not run away. Aq figured the best way would be to striking her with lightning if she turned started fleeing, even if it knocked her out, he can't have her run away so he can fight. Aq climbed down the pillar and situated himself several meters in front of the carriage's direct path. He was the tallest and biggest Toa of the Island. He started to walk toward the carriage that help Korru and Ghoti, "Korru...go left...really fast." whispered Ghoti trembling in fear. The minute the Kilikano started to run and turn the carriage left, Aq let out an lightning blast from his hands and shocked the Kilikano, not killing it, but causing it go wild in fear which flipped the carriage over. Aq started to run toward them, and he saw the Kilikano was still attached to its rope. He dashed forward and grabbed the Kilikano body. It struggled to get out of Aq's hold, but Aq was lot bigger and stronger, and Aq broke the Rahi's neck, killing it. He put the body on the ground, put his foot on for support, and ripped the head off. He then went toward flipped over carriage and began to look for Ghoti and Korru. He found them disoriented, trying to get up. He grabbed Ghotiby the neck. "Come with Aq peacefully, or this." said Aq pretending to be mentally deficient again in his speech, pushing the Kilikano head into Ghoti's face. She screamed in absolute terror.
  7. Yes...I need a way to introduce my completely evil character.
  8. IC:Ghoti laughed as she heard Korru grumble. Her laugh sounded like strange mix of rich aristocratic women's laugh and a poor person's hearty raucous laughter."If it helps I talk to everyone like this. Be thankful you aren't called Hak. His nickname was Hakky-poo, and man did he not like that one. But Karz, it was freaking amusing.""So...who was your first kill?" asked Ghoti. ***"I'm here for the adventure. And I'm a air toa, and a decent one at that. I'm not afraid sinking. I am also posses a mask of healing. I'll be a great medic. Who else is in the crew, where the ship, and when do we leave?" said Sonuva.
  9. IC: "A mercenary without the killing people part. Can't cross that line. It's too hard too." said Ghoti. "I'm only being chased cause the last person I needed to beat up. Welll.... I made a lot of mistakes. Ohohoh...boy. Just waiting for a new contract so they can offer me protection." said Ghoti. "What'd you do before taking the sash of Miss Po-Koro?"
  10. IC:"I beat people up!" said Ghoti giddily. *** "I have air powers, so that'll be useful, plus decent combat prowess, I am a former member of the Gukko Force, so any training from that can apply here." said Sonuva.
  11. I still hold that Matoro has a nefarious role in all this.
  12. IC:Ghoti climbed forwards. "So what can you guys do? I know that mask of yours works. Can you work the element like us Toa?" said Ghoti as she shot water blasts into the distance to emphasize Toa. "Are you always Lesterin or do you guys have a matoran equivalant?"
  13. IC:"So, you're not a toa right? You're one of those...what's them called..listerine..listmen...lestwii..." said Ghoti.
  14. IC:Now Aq had been waiting at the cliff for two weeks, with his servants sneaking him food. Of the three brother, Aq was always the most patient one, but he realized just sittin on the cliff doing nothing was not useful. Whilst his servants kept him updated on Ghoti, he took the opportunity to work out. By the end of two weeks, Aq had gained 10 more pounds in pure muscle. He had already been one of the biggest, strongest, muscle bound toa on the island, and his Garai shaped Mask of Strength will give significant boost as well. Aq was now more so a force to be reckoned with. Whilst in the middle of push up, one of his servants came riding as fast possible on her Kilikano to Aq. "Master! Master!" Aq stopped his push up and got up. He had to pretend to be stupid again. "Uh foood, you have tasty food?" said Aq. The servant rolled her eyes, she hated working for Aq, she thought he was so dumb. "No, master...*sigh*. Ghoti, your bounty has been released from her community service, and it's she's likely to be traveling through here to Ga-Koro. She probably will be escorted, so be ready." Aq punched his palm and had goofy smile. "Fighty time!" "Yes...fighty time...I'll go ready your brothers, so they'll come ASAP at your signal." said the servant, who then rode away. As the servant rode Aq, once again climbed the rock pillar and again disguised himself as homeless man sleeping on it, waiting for the moment to strike. ***"Alright alright. By the way, I wanted to say I was sorry for accusing you of corruption. I may have been bit too paranoid. Seems Hewkii keeps you guys on the straight on narrow." said Ghoti apologetically. She got onto to the carriage after loading her stuff, sitting shotgun to where the driver, Korru would be. *OOC:insert Korru's response here IC:* As Korru carriage left the city gates Ghoti spoke up once more. "If you think however, I'm going to keep my sharp tongue sheathed...ohohohoh. It's going to be a looong ride Miss Po-Koro." she said with a wicked smile. OOC: We'll have few conversations before the fight. ***IC:"Well Kiron, I hear things. I hear your-uh assembling a crew...to investigate the riddle." said Sonuva with a hopeful grin. " I want in."
  15. IC:Ghoti had finished all her community. She had cleans up the streets, expanded the water supply, and cleaned out almost the dust that peopel hadn't bothered to clean for year. Now she wanted go back home to Ga-koro. Unfortunately, she was stuck. She had no idea how to traverse Po-Wahi since they took the paths away since last time she left there were paths. She also was still in fear of being kidnapped, as she was still wanted by some Le-Koran gang. Hewkii had offered her protection in the village but she was not interested in living in Po-Koro. Ghoti walked into the Sentinel HQ, handed in her community service papers. While she waited she had an idea. I could be just ask them to give me a armed escort to at least out of Wahi, but preferably all the way into Ga-Koro... "Hey guys? Um...Hewkii said I could have sort of protection after my community service was over. Can I have some one escort me to Ga-Koro so I can be safe? I also have no idea how to get out of Po-wahi without the paths...So annoying.." OOC: Geardirector, up to you. IC:Now Sonuva had reached Po-Koro. It has taken him a while, with no paths, but he hooked up with a trade caravan on it's way there. At the gates he paid the hefty fee, and showed his papers of his previous Gukko force career to show that he was trustworthy to allow into the city. He heard rumours some may have figured out the Kini-Nui riddle, but he didn't care for that. He cared for adventure. So he had used rumours he heard in bars to track down these people into a Po-Koro bazaar. He hoped to approach them and join them. He saw the Toa. of Fire. Sonuva walked with confidently with large strides and a straightened back. "Are you Kiron?" said Sonuva. He stuck hand out to shake hands with Kiron.
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