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    8th grade
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    I became a fan of bionicle back in 2001 but got into the storyline in 2003 and I love it ! <br />I joined BZP in 2005.<br /><br />I have 75 Bionicle sets. My first was Gali Mata and my favorite is probrably 09 Skrall. Latest set is Stars Gresh, <br /><br />I like to listen to Hip hop,rock, and r&b<br /><br />Im in 8th grade and ive been to 4 middle schools.<br /><br />Other then BZP I also like my space because I can talk to my freinds that way and if you have a my space add me so we can chat.<br /><br />I enjoy riding my bike with my homeboys and playing B-ball. <br /><br />I live in Orlando Florida near to the airport. I love it here but since most of my family lives in NYC I like it there better. Plus there's more girls over there but there's still alot of girls in Orlando so I can't complain.

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  1. really. cool! thanks for watching

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