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  1. Nice comics. Where do you get the sprites? Xerha or something?


  2. i mean leik as in you are better than tehm

    Do you seriously use Zildjian cymbals?

  3. BZP, I guess.


  4. Wow I'm your friend!


    Where do you know me from?

  5. whoa, you quoted me in your Personal Statement :P

  6. Just thought you may want to know that your signature is massively oversized.

  7. Resemblance? They're practically the same picture. =D
  8. Splinky

    Top Ten

    Top Ten #1: Songs Revalations - AudioslaveDani California- The Red Hot Chili PeppersStayin' Alive - The BeeGeesAll Rage Against the Machine songsGood Morning, Good Morning - The BeatlesEnter Sandman - MetallicaSmoke on the Water - Deep PurplePurple Haze - Jimi HendrixWelcome to the Jungle - Guns n' RosesKeep on Rockin' in the Free World - Neil YoungSo many good songs, so few slots. Rock on. (-Splinky-)
  9. Splinky


    It must be pretty bad if it gets a DX.
  10. Splinky

    Stayin' Alive

    Can't disclose, yes, and agreed. XD Awesome man, glad to see another BeeGees fan.
  11. -^^^^^^ ║-----------║ ║----o--|-0-║ ║----- ⌡----║ ║----____- ║ ║-----U---- ║ ----▬▬▬▬
  12. So in two days, I'm getting some sweet ZHT Mastersound HiHats at a music store. I would've gone with the A Customs, but they're way out of my range (not to say that the ZHT Hats were cheap *cough150cough*). In other news, my camp is almost over, which isn't great, but it's a relief. It's one of those camps that offers a bunch of different courses. So today, a kid in my graphics course told me I should try to make money by making graphics for companies. Personally, I'm quite content with GMC right now, along with my other online imaging enterprises. Speaking of making money, right now I've got a very well paying plant watering job for the next six days. 10 dollars for each day I water their plants. And lucky me, they also found my ad in the local paper and now they're paying me 35 bucks for 7 bags of manure. It's all good in Splinky Land. =)
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