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  1. so I haven't been here for a while, it's strange. can you tell me what was your last bionicle product that you ever baught and when? : DD mine was toa pohatu in 2008 I think : P
  2. Hay, it's been a while.... X)

  3. that's cool, so you have the mistika summer videos to work with, amazing, that's paying of the days you work in your weekend.
  4. Awesome profile, good personal pic and you have an awesome avatar.

  5. do u like soul calibur? oh, and the one in your banner is not night terror it's nightmare.

  6. It doesn't matter, i like wazzup better but he can say wassup, cause' I could say it's what's up or what is up....:P

  7. Lerox, awesome fusion toa idea!

  8. Hi, so your new, welcome!

  9. Because nicolai is a common russian or romanian name. (:

  10. Are u from romania or russia? just asking

  11. From Toa of fire to Firelord.

  12. so you like FMA? me to!

  13. Hello fire hero, so u like tahu.

  14. Don't wanna offense you, but your mother is bad, I'm afraid of her. :(

  15. Can, but don't want to. :P

  16. wow, awesome avatar and banner, so you are a toa of fire fan?

  17. Who said I wanted to make something as lame and useless as convincing you to change your opinion anyway.

  18. Hi pohuaki, so you are the one who works with the official polls?

  19. Than You shouldn't , you should be blind in this case.

  20. No, death note is an anime better then pokemon.

  21. actually Death Note is an awesome anime.

  22. yeah, it was my little bro, he likes some things that I do, but he has no account on bzp, so he uses mine.

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