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  1. You'd think someone would learn to keep an eye on Ahkmou after a while . Looks like the Civil War is coming up .
  2. Oh, Koronga..... I really liked this chapter; The OoMN members' banter, Umbra and Koronga's one-upping each other's light powers, and the way the Chamber of Fears is mentioned in passing . -TLhikan
  3. Poor Hagahu, I thought Vakama's visions where bad enough... Interesting to see Brutaka's recruitment coming up; might a certain artifact that could kill everyone in the MU be making an appearance soon ? -TLhikan
  4. Never thought I'd find trade negotiations entertaining, but there you go . It's also interesting to see how Koronga's naivete' is (once again ) having unfortunate consequences. -TLhikan
  5. Having spend this summer in a similar job to Koronga's first, I can appreciate his frustration at first . The other chapter was exciting; the more hints we get about Koronga's true origins, the more the BP-like sense of mystery builds. -TLhikan
  6. Congrats on being featured! Is there a theme for your next batch (like "Rahi" for this one)? -TLhikan
  7. Cool descriptions Metru Nui and how it works. So, does purified protodermis congeal into a metallic solid after being heated, or does the heat just burn out the rest of the impurities? -TLhikan
  8. It took me a second to catch that Koronga was in an illusion cage, so well done on that . I was under the impression that it should be "My face will need to be cleaned off" or "My face will need cleaning off", but I could be wrong. -TLhikan
  9. Both the description of the way the Bohrohk work in synergy to clear off Mata Nui's face and the purpose of the Krana's mind control where really creative (and yeah, answered by question from last time ). One typo I noticed: (Unless there's some rule of English I don't know, which is most assuredly possible ). -TLhikan
  10. This was probably one of the most interesting chapters, and the ending was great. It'll be fun to see any other alien worlds that Mata Nui may arrive on. I can't help but wonder what will happen if Mata Nui lands on a world where the inhabitants are the kind that get suspicious about random islands appearing out of nowhere, and *can't* be scared off by our hero... -TLhikan
  11. TLhikan


    Zaktan just got about twice as terrifying as before . The level of detail is neat; it resembles Protodax enough to be a protodite, but more... microby. -TLhikan
  12. No lasers from that sword Koronga ? -TLhikan.
  13. When I was younger, I thought that my thousandth post would be more fulfilling.

  14. Nice! The level of detail on these is great (the Hahnah crab is clearly the best ). Any hints on the ones that you're still working on/haven't released yet (Zivon maybe )? -TLhikan
  15. It just keeps getting more cheerful, doesn't it ? But really, the bleakness and insanity of Karzhani and his realm really comes across; the story fits really well with the somewhat disturbing images (those are from the Atlas, right?). Teridax and the other Makuta's characterizations are also of note; while they still seem to be rather decent people, the first hints of superiority are starting to creep in. Good stuff as always! -TLhikan
  16. Thanks! And yeah, now that you explain it, the visions he has and the memories he doesn't have are bound to be pretty traumatic as well. Regarding the chapter: First off, those are awesome Zyglak sketches. Your portrayal of the Zyglak and their slaughtering of Lesovikk's team is pretty brutal, so it's easy to see how broken this will leave him. Koronga has that Forest Gump-like ability to always be where history is happening, although in his case, it seems to be part of his destiny. And like Fishers said, nice cliffhanger. -TLhikan
  17. I agree that Koronga sounds like a bit of a Eeyore from time to time, but in fairness to him, he's already seen his home torn up by war and then torn up literally, and is going to see a lot more horrible things between now and when Mata Nui re-forms Spherus Magna. Mata Nui, on the other hand, is dealing with creatures that to him may as well be stomach bacteria or white blood cells; it's not hard to understand why he seems to be unaware of the natures of both the Great Beings and the Makuta. Still, it's a interesting dynamic between Koronga's constant dread and Mata Nui's blissfully ignorant naivete.
  18. The creation of the Makuta and the physics of antidermis were both pretty interesting; it's also interesting to see Mata Nui's mixture of maturity and naivete, not seeing that the Makuta and the antidermis are going to be a problem. -TLhikan
  19. Great work as usual. Mata Nui's thoughts are especially interesting; I wonder how "mature" his mind was at that state? The idea of being able to study one's own body would be really cool (although to the best of my knowledge, I have no sentient creatures living inside me ).
  20. I would have used the term "mental exercises", speaking for myself. I liked this chapter, although it seems clear that the DoB history is going to have to vary slightly from the Official one just because of our narrator. But, l like it . This is more of a canon question than one pertaining to your story, but how did the Mata's muscles rot if they where in energy stasis? Is that just how it works? Also, did Gali paint her mask yellow briefly ?
  21. In the Lego Movie Sequel, Clutch Powers comes after the gang because all he got was a direct-to-dvd cheap flick.

  22. I really liked the last two chapters; I've always felt sort of disconnected to the whole Spherus Magna part of the story, maybe just because it only really came in at the end or whatever, but now that we're in the MU and seeing the original Toa, it just feels more Bionicle-like. -TLhikan
  23. Great chapter; you really captured the emotional and physical aspects of the Shattering. I had always been sort of bugged by how people survived so easily being flung into space on a rock, but Mata Nui using his powers to cushion the breakaway is a really cool idea. I also like your explanations of things like moral light/shadow and the fact that masks cause unconsciousness, although I wonder the GBs got the idea from studying Koronga, or did something else happen? The question of who it was that designed Koronga still bugs me, but hey, that's part of the mystery . Re:Wheels: The specific instance was when the Inika met Umbra; Jaller was surprised at the notion of someone "walking on their gears". While it could be like you said, that the Matoran are just so used to walking systems that work better, it felt like a mindset thing when I read it. But I don't know . (On the other hand, Jaller isn't an engineer; Nuparu could have been perfectly familiar with wheels, but never needed to use them due to knowing how to make walking machines). -TLhikan
  24. Regarding the tech thing, part of the spirit of Bionicle is schizio tech. If we recall, Jaller was surprised by the concept of wheels . We had sentient clockwork brained-Vahki in Metru Nui, but non-protodermic flight was just taking off (and heck, we don't know what the moto-sled was powered by), I think it's canon that mechanical implants aren't cybernetics; they're no computer chips or the like like we would know them, but there is GB-tech that allows them to be used as a person's natural arm/leg/joint/respiratory system/etc. So, their information technology may be nothing like what we use. When it comes to weapons, this is a bit more of a obvious "flaw", but really, it's one that comes from Lego's desire to steer away from showing "real" guns (which seems to have been thrown out the window lately ), and it would just wouldn't fit the flavor for Bionicle characters to be spraying each other with machine guns. In the EM, maybe. If that doesn't really make sense, hey, chalk it up Bionicle physics not being the same as ours . -TLhikan
  25. It's always fascinating to read your take on shapeshifting characters. It's fairly evident in the Paracosmos series as well. I don't know a lot of writesr who ahve your level of creativity in just how versatile complete shapeshifting would be. -TLhikan
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