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  1. I think the biggest bit of detail is the return of the G1 Nuva Symbols, each of the new masks and chest armors features that Toa's respective symbol. Granted they're usually integrated into part of the rest of the design, but they're still there. Take a look at tahu's mask and compare to these http://www.bzpower.com/Imaging/stories/nuva_symbols_named.gif
  2. Kopekemaster that poster appears to be one that is making its rounds online, and in the BZP Facebook group, that is for next year's sets. It's kind of weird that lego put it out in an official video this early, but I'm guessing it's there for the sharper eyed fans and will be put in the Nov/Dec Lego Mag for us to examine in extreme detail. But since it was put out by lego, does it make the poster and next year's sets fair game for the forums? Or do the leak policies still apply? ~L_C
  3. Hey TMD, what set did the hair piece you gave tony stark come from? I've been trying to make the minifig from my loki's cosmic cube escape look good without the helmet but it needs hair....
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