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    Usually somewhere in a book...
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    I'm really into AQ worlds, AQ worlds wiki, the AQ worlds design notes, the AQ worlds forums, pretty much everything about them, and Adventure Quest.(Slightly interested in Mechquest and Dragonfable, parts of AQ.)<br />I still love BZP, but I have less time, I also like Perseus Alamatsu, ask Lehvorak for details(See 'friends' list.)

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  1. Above issue has been resolved. :)

  2. Yeah, we all know your vids are funny!

    Good luck with the next one!..if you make it.:P

  3. ...the answer for what? answering your second question, I thought you said you DIDN'T want the painted ones. does this make sense?

  4. Hello? I'd like an answer very much, please. Plus, where exactly did I say I didn't want the unpainted Mata masks?

  5. I'm doing pretty well, myself. How about you?

  6. Thanks. 'Ello' to you too!

  7. Hey, Dr. doom, blown up any Fantastic Fours lately? *chuckle*

  8. Hey, I can't get to your site anymore, lehvorak. Any ideas why it could be happening?

  9. I hope to see you again some time.

  10. Yeah, i've been really busy.

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