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    look behind you *evil grin*
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    BIONICLE (OF COURSE)<br />LEGO<br />Drawing<br />Writing<br />Playing Gideo Vames (That's Video Games)<br />Watching TV (Especially CODE LYOKO)<br /> l<br />(.)<br />/l\
  1. Mata Nui, make him gold instead of ketorange.
  2. abou123

    Ask Away!

    This is my BZPower 9th anniversary privileges blog! So ask any clean question as a comment and I will answer it as soon and randomly as possible! OME! HEPGLON HAZ SPOKEN!
  3. I know I never saw you on BZP even when I spied on you guys(before I made a new account) but I miss you =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =(

  4. That's a new way to welcome someone

  5. About Your Comment On My Comment Page, LOL =)

  6. Lawliet You Make Me Feel SOOOOOOO welcome here @ BZP

  7. Welcome,and enjoy your stay...

    Because you're never leaving.... =P

  8. Welcome to BZPOWER!

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