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    JoNaS laNd!i!i!
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    My interests are...<br />The Jonas Brothers!!<br />I totally love them to death and I'm there Number One Fan!<br />I know like everything about them and I've memorized all there<br />songs,And this may sound scary to you but not to me! =D<br />I love music...AND THE JONAS BROTHERS!!! YAY!!!!<br />....I hope one day to meet The Jonas Brothers!!Its totally!<br />My dream to meet them!!♥♥♥<br />[:<br /><br />♥♥JB 4EVA♥♥

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  1. that watermelon not lemon.

  2. Jonas Brothers suck

  3. Happy Birthday!


  4. Heya!!

    I'm...I don't know!!

    And I have no clue why I'm ony our friends list...or anyones friend list... :P


  5. Hi. Who are you? Why are you on my friends list?

  6. Hey,Welcome to BZP! I hope you fun time!!!


  7. Hello,Welcome to BZP I hope you have a fun time.( ;

  8. Well,Thanks I guess for telling me that I'm a cheery person....I guess...? AND SORRY FOR MY SPAZZ OUT SAYING THAT YOU CALLED IMMATURE!! ...(=

  9. LOL! Thats cool...and in my photo thats the Jonas Brothers if you didn't know! =P

    I'm the "NUMBER ONE JONAS FAN!" =D

  10. The guy on the right in your personal photo looks like somebody I know. Kinda...

    -toa mazo's sister

  11. I said mature as in THINKING mature. All the books and all the rock music made me more realistic. And I wasn't judging you, I was complimenting for your cheery and happy-go-lucky attitude.

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