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    Bionicles, Garfield, drawing, computers, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Star Wars, Artemis Fowl, Ben 10, Transformers, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and more.

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  2. Did anyone see Ben 10: Alien Swarm? That movie was EPIC!

  3. Also, by "main storyline characters", I mean Tahu, Lewa, Guardian, and such. Also, some chapters may be put on that certain site where you can upload videos (no guarantees).

  4. It may be a while before I start it up again, Chaotic, but I promise you, I will re-write it... With some differences, such as new characters, though main storyline characters will be cut out (I'll explain some other time).

  5. I've just seen the comment below this... Yay! The Nui Commandos will return! Will send details...

  6. Hi, LOS. I saw the MOC you made of yourself on that site where you upload videos. It is very impressive. Could you share some pics of it on Brickshelf?

  7. Well, folks, I'm planning on soon re-launching the Nui Commandos (thank you, Google!) If all members could PM me their info again (it's all gone) I can get it up and running in the near future.

  8. I've just seen Part 3 of the "Gorast is Wile'd" series. I almost pity Algorox/Hodge Podge... Man, Bitil is violent...

  9. Guess what else? Ive added you as a freind!(sorry I found the request so late)

  10. I saw the second part of "Gorast is Wile'd". Nice work, especially with the F-Zero Mute City music. It did get stuck in my head (CURSES!).

  11. Okay. Can you give me the link sometime? I'd love to see your work.

  12. Yeah, that happens a lot. FYI, my sources tell me Google might get rid of the Google Video uploading thing in the future. So, I'll stick to it for as long as it lasts, then use my Photobucket account, where almost all the ADITLOT videos reside as of now.

  13. Um, LOS, your account on that one site was suspended. If I were you, I'd stick to Google.

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