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    I LOVE Bionicle. I used to have a dirt bike but it got totalled in a 25 car jump last week (JK). I also have a username legominifig217 on YouT. I like alternative rock, especially 3 Days Grace, and celtic rock. Switch is also one of those good rap songs which I rarely listen to. And now, I am currently working on a Halo 3 game.

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  1. OH! Sorry! I haven't been on BZP for such a long time! anyways, I actually started making a bionicle game, but my computer got a virus and we had to delete all of the files. :(

  2. Sorry, like I said, I haven't been here for a while, and I hadn't realized you couldn't just make an RPG unless it's chosen until after I posted it.

  3. Sorry. I haven't been on the computer much so right now I am wondering if I can get into the LEGO Bricks at the moment.

  4. Well, depends on when you're asking about. This morning I was busy building a rahi spider. The rest of the day I was in school.

  5. have u seen the new Bionicle music vid? it's like sooo super awesome! wat u doin

  6. Why aren't you talking to me!!!!


    oh well. *OOOO*

  7. Hi. I just sent you an email.

    Oh Yeah!! My aunt just sent me a book. the third book in the Inheritence series!!!!!!!!

  8. ... Not even gonna comment... /realizes as he hits the save button* lol

  9. nuthin but i dont hav much time i hav 2 go 2 scool

  10. I LOOVE! the lazer collection!!!

    It's time to save the city! HAAA! What the h*ll. Haahaa! What the h*ll is goin on? How do I shot Webz OMG it's Alfred Molina!



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