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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Some areas still need work! I'm building a variation of this bow with an HF zamor launcher.
  2. Sure. I don't know how to provide the LDD file for download but I hope these pictures help: https://www.flickr.com/photos/65061697@N05/25301031624/in/dateposted-public/
  3. Glad you like it! I always like discovering new ways to use pieces. Breez had great character development in the movies, and her set forms were pretty cool. I'd like to make other heroes if I have the spare parts.
  4. Thanks! She'll be a good template for future female toa.
  5. I think Hero Factory reached its peak in 2012 with "Breakout". We got some of the coolest and most cohesive designs for heroes and villains. It seemed like TLG went all out on the weapons, gadgets, and armor. I wanted to stick to that style when creating a Breez better suited for street-level bagging and tagging. Rocka was a big influence for her gear. I've also been trying to get more accurate proportions with good articulation. Most of Breez's ball joints work well, but I need to fix some areas. You can find more (and higher quality) pictures here: https://www.flickr.c...th/25889770395/ Thanks for looking!
  6. Thank you both! I appreciate the feedback-- this is all an experiment to see if my work would sell, so I'm not too concerned.
  7. Hello, everyone! I haven't been on BZP in so long, but I'm back with something you might be interested in. This is a repaint of Mata Tahu, done in acrylics with a transparent varnish. The paint should hold up, but this figure is really meant for display only. It would make a great addition to your collection! As always, thanks for looking. eBay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/171045184597?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Larger pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/65061697@N05/
  8. This is starting to bug me, too. What you've got, Aanchir, looks really good, and could work for most sets. I suggest building some upper body armor and attaching the shortest limb joint (angled up) on the crotch ball. From here you've got an exposed ball to work with; it at least hides that torso gap.
  9. Great news! I was getting worried. Hoping Zane will have a double-printed head! The figure in his eyes could be the new enemy. Zane himself might have no more importance than any other Ninja, I think they just used his face for graphic appeal. Isn't 2014 the year we supposedly get a new minifigure mold?
  10. I figured I would never buy a Bionicle set after the Kaxium a couple years ago, but I joyfully stumbled upon Kohrak at a flee market. He's complete, with canister but without instructions, and is in mint condition-- like the owner had put him together once and stored him for ten years. I did feel sorry for the little guy; and for $1 USD how could I not pass him up?
  11. Thank you! I suppose a set-accurate drawing would contradict me posting this in the first place, but I see what you mean. What I'd like are parts molded like this.
  12. Thanks, Nova! I've done traditional artwork all my life and have no experience in paint programs, so you've got me there! Lime green is a color I don't have nearly enough parts in. Thank you, I'm glad I've done her justice. :)Xplode is coming soon! I'm almost done another work, so I'll have him sketched up tomorrow. Thank you!
  13. Thank you, I felt she deserved it!HF is notorious for bright color schemes, especially on the Heroes. It's a nice symbol of good and justice and all that.
  14. Studs Not On Top


    Very nice line art, you should ink and color it! You've made a solid body similar to the movie Rahkshi, which is a nice alternative to the gappy sets.Teridax is great, too, I like the pose!
  15. Breez finally came to the U.S., and I'm so happy I got her! The only thing that bugged me was her parts-- identical to everyone else's, which didn't set her aside from the male Heroes. I dediced to draw her how I'd really like her as a set:http://www.flickr.co...N05/7688497908/C&C welcome!
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