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  1. When Toa Idar confronts the bridge to Ta-Koro, he instantlyy gets the shivers. He feels weak, and is afraid if he will be accepted or hated, maybe even killed, So he decides to do the safe thing. He runs into the woods again, gets some random tree. He truns on his mask power from the Kanohi Pakari wich grants him immense strenght. He punches trough the tree, it falls down and Toa Idar writes "Will help on quest if you will be my friend!" He drags the trhee to the front of Ta-Koros gate and finds a nice place to sit. Now he only need someone to stop by and ask for help...

  2. IC: Toa Idar - Ta Wahi - The Charred Forest Another day of mindless walking around, looking for something to just snap in two. Toa Idar have been on this Do NOT bypass the filter. -B6 Island for over 50 years now and haven't spoken to a single Matoran. He goes to his usuall spot near the tree with the three marks on it and ponders. "Matoran of Scandi-Nui, forgive me, what can I do to make you stop haunting my mind?" Suddenly everything turns black. Toa Idar gets up and prepears his fire powers. Suddenly he can hear footsteps. "Who goes there!?" Idar yells out. "Haha, its only me. Nudii!" "What? aren't you dead? I saw you getting beheaded by the Skakdi scum!" "I am indeed dead, your having a vision." "What is the reason behind this vision!? I have done everything I can to try and get back to the island!" "Have you tried to ask for any help by OTHER people than yourself?" "..." "Now go out and get allies, or else will you probably die from turning crazy by beeing so alone all the time!" "With all the power in my Toa-Scandi heart, I will complete your quest to return to Scandi-Nui!" Then suddenly everything was visable again. Toa Idar takes a look around to see if anyone noticed him. No ones around, Toa Idar then started spriting towards Ta-Koro.

  3. Name: Idar


    Species: Toa


    Alignment: Neutral


    Gender: Male


    Appearance: Toa Idar has a primary colour of Dark red with black and drak grey accents. He has big, dark green eyes and if one look deep into his eyes you can see the the burning village of Ta-Scandi. He have armour on his feet, shoulders, torso and on the upper part of his legs. he has a avarege height for a Toa and pretty slim for a Toa with Kanohi Pakari.PNS2eFt.jpg

    Weapon(s): None


    Mask: Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength


    Element: Fire

    Traits: Toa Idar loves telling bad puns and he is very insecure around Ga-Toas and Po-Toas (Ga because Toa Idar is very shy around Women and Po because most Po-Toas He have met have always been making fun of im and taunt him.) Toa Idar has a big hatred for the entire Skakdi race because his entire Toa Team was slain by them. Toa Idar hates to work with other people because he feels guilt in the death of all the Toa Scandi and the matorans on Scandi-Nui.


    Biography: Toa Idar awakend at the island Scandi-Nui a 1 000 years ago. He was the leader of the Toa Team, Toa Scandi. One day Ta-Scandi is attacked by a swarm of vicious Skakdi who slayed all of Toa Scandi Except Toa Idar who barely escaped in one of the skakdi's boats. After years on the sea, floating North-East looking for a place to live, a place to be. He finally arrives on Mata-Nui. Toa Idar now walks around in the shadows of the Charred Forest, looking for Rahis he can slay and sell to earn widgets enough to buy the equipment he needs to take revenge on the Skakdi.


    Weakness(es): The elements water and ice. Toa Idar can not swim, can't hold his breath for very long and is afraid of beeing frozen in ice.

  4. Oh look, another MC Bio thing... :lol:

    This is the first I've seen to include the Piraka, to the best of my knowledge, so that's neat.

    I chose to use the Piraka's because they were the first enemies who had guns in their hands just like the skeletons in Minecraft (plus. Piraka/Inika is my favorite series besides the originals)

  5. INFO:
    This is the 16x bit version of ToaCraft. ToaCraft is a texturepack based on the discontinued LEGO franchise Bionicle. The Bionicle franchise is centered around uniqe mechanical beeings fighting evil to restore peace to their world.
    1. DOWNLOAD the pack
    2. Download and install the MCPatcher HD Fix
    3. Start Minecraft and select the pack
    -Passive mobs
    -Hostile mobs
    moderator SUPPORT:
    -Empire of Toa, a Bionicle server
    -Magmasurge, a Bionicle server
    -Bionicraft, a Bionicle modification
    -NuiCraft, a Bionicle modification






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  6. Name: IdarSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodGender: MaleAppearance: FdWd1.jpgWeapon(s): He wields a small dagger and a very broken Lava launcherMask: Kanohi PakariElement: FireTraits: Toa Idar is a very unserious Toa, similar to Matau. He always try to make someone laugh, but when he needs to be serious, he is serious. He also falls easily in love with Ga Toa's but very shy when near them. Toa Idar have a very warm heart and trust people way to easily. He is also not very smart.Biography: Toa Idar was actually created by Makuta Teridax in a secret dungeon inside the mountains of Ko-Koro. Makutas plan was to let him free to melt the entire part of Mata Nui, but after Takanuva killed Teridax, Toa Idar was never released from his sleep in the mountains, until a vandering Ko Matoran accidently finds the dungeon and free's Toa Idar. Some how all the evil in Toa Idar had disapeard after the death of Teridax, so now he is a regualr Toa. Even though Toa Idar is a Ta Toa, he lives in Ko-Koro, because he needs to learn to not be afraid of cold, and he feels like thats were he belongs. He still lives in the dungeon.Weakness(es): Ice and water. When something have to do with water, you can expect Toa Idar to hide in some sort of corner. He can't swim and water also makes him very tired. The other weakness is Ice. He hates to get cold and when he does his lava launcher starts to malfunction even more than it does regulary.

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