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  1. No! If I did that.Then I can't make a Remix version of it.And nobody wants that! :PBut expect a new comic on the weekends. Edit: New Comic: Wa?
  2. New Comic: Darkness Howls On the other note.Bioduel has been sleeping since the start. (Get up already lazy! )But you guys will say: Wasn't Bioduel awake in comic 3?No, that was just a droid clone.He uses Cutouts for Intros and GS/PGSes introductions and the Droids for ther stuff. Any questions?
  3. Well most likely.Or at least until I stop being lazy and make the GS/PGS list .
  4. New Comic: Guest Staring..... Edit: Won't be here tomorrow.So enjoy some comics from the PAST (NOTE: Not in exact order). Past comic 1: I givePast comic 2: This will do more......Past comic 3: Were back....Its not I mean anywayPast comic 4: SecretAnd thats all (for now).
  5. New comic: Nothing Sorry I couldn't resist.
  6. But he got lot of ducks. :PFact:A wabbit is a type of self-replicating computer program.And now a new comic: Intro ending
  7. Drat! Foiled again! :PAlso.....New comic: One slip up and your dead
  8. Not everyone knows that Meepits are evil.And one of those people is Justax (maybe). Besides. IT GETS WORSE.
  9. There's a small chance that I bring them back.And even so. They won't be PGSes anymore. Maybe main characters? Also new Comic: Intro part 2
  10. *Insert bad puns here*

  11. Thanks!But that "cardboard" cutout won't be lasting any longer.If you know what I mean.
  12. Lets see if I can get this right. COMICS:1: Intro part 12: Intro part 23. One slip up and your dead4. Intro ending5. Nothing6. Guest Staring..... 7. Darkness Howls8. Wa? Past Comics: Warning: Not in exact order. Past comic 1: I givePast comic 2: This will do more......Past comic 3: Were back....Its not I mean anywayPast comic 4: Secret Credit To:Dark709 for Chimoru Omega,Gerlicky for Chimoru sixshadeand Kaytal the Lehvak King for the Chimoru Omega Mega mega pose kit DELUXE. Stay tuned for more.
  13. Nothing is one of most loved things in life. :P

  14. Theres a white person staring at me. O_o

  15. No you don't.

  16. .....M...i...s...s...i...n...g


    .a.. ...f...e...w.. .t...h...i...n...g...s..........

  17. No.

    Outrageous means that you walk out the door.You should say "Bioduel! Thats the best idea you ever had!" :P

  18. No comments are the new way of life now :P

  19. I making a comic right now.And maybe editing it.

  20. AH HA! That proves everything!

  21. Are you Dr.Giggles?

  22. Are you really Dr.Giggles? Are you really?

  23. Nevermind. You should forget about this.

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