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The Nova Continuum


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Posted Oct 18 2011 - 09:23 AM

Time is like a river, and the mortals trapped in the flow of time are no more than bacteria compared to the truly immense macrocosm in which they live.I, I will admit, am one of those bacteria: stuck in the river, unknowing, ignorant even, of what goes on outside. The hand of Destiny is like a stone, dropping into the river and killing those who must die; and then, with a deft flip of Fate's coin, that same stone knocks into the river bottom and sends minerals through the water to the other, waiting bacteria.A pity I could not have been born a stone, then. It began outside the river; so, the question I pose myself so many nights is, What is outside time? What is outside this reality?I cannot answer that question.Quantum theory includes the side-effect of multiple universes, a "multiverse", if you will; perhaps in the macro-macrocosm of the multiverse, there are other Novas more woefully ignorant than I am; perhaps there are some who do know what lies beyond. What a pity I cannot meet them. I cannot do a lot of things as a mortal Toa, unable to reach beyond my own reality, my river.Yet even a bacteria has a mind, primitive in that it relies only on instincts and reactions, but a mind nonetheless. And with my mind, I can imagine what lies beyond. Not just through thoughts, but through art, music......and writing.* * *Short StoriesArchived:-AmbushThis story tells of how Surel's leg became injured, and what caused Vastus to become guilt-ridden. It was my entry to BS01 Contest #3: Core War; though it didn't make the list of finalists, I don't think it's bad; it's just not amazing.-IndecisionArin, a Le-Matoran, has no intentions of leaving Mata Nui -- and it costs both him and his friends. I originally wrote this for an anthology that Mahar planned, but when no other authors turned in stories, I posted it by itself.-Fall of a ToaVarian is part of a Toa team patrolling Xia, but when Dark Hunters invade, her fate is set in stone. It was my entry to BS01 Contest #5: Sleeping Awake; the judges deemed it runner-up, so I'm definitely proud of this story.-Ancient Chronicle Sample -- The Forest FireThis is a sample of the currently-postponed story serial Lein's Tale, by Mata Nui Inc. As lead writer of the story serial, I will be in charge of planning and editing the chapters.-It Doesn't MatterThis was my first (and probably last) songfic, based on the song "In the End" by Linkin Park.-Painful MemoriesWhen Lesovikk ends up stranded on a barren wasteland of an island, he finds that Rock Lions can be tougher than they look, and that almost everyone deserves a second chance. This is my first entry to KanohiJournal Contest #5: Lesovikk's Hiatus.-Gali's ClearingWhenever Toa Gali is frustrated, she goes to the only place she knows of in Ga-Wahi where she can be at peace -- her own special clearing. This was written more as an experiment than a long story, and as such is short -- no dialogue, action, or even worded thoughts.-IntruderBased off my MOC Irikar, this story tells of how he came to Metru Nui and barely escaped with his life. It's short, yes, but still a good warm-up exercise if nothing else.-StrangerOne hundred years after Spherus Magna's reformation, a Skakdi mercenary named Darvin gets into more than a little trouble with a bartender and a Toa. I only just completed this after having the first several paragraphs lying around for months, collecting virtual dust on my hard drive; hopefully it will be worth your while -- and, by extension, mine.Non-Archived:-Merciless ShadowsThis story tells of an artifact known as the Iden Stone, and how Pridak, Takadox, two Matoran from Mahri Nui, and Zyglak become mixed up in the stone's fate. It was my entry to S&T Contest #6: A Thousand Years Untold 2; it placed first in the Mahri Nui category and is now considered part of the official Bionicle canon storyline.-Jovan's TestAfter escaping a storm by landing on the Southern Continent, Lesovikk runs into a Toa of Magnetism, Jovan, who shows that the former Toa of Air needs more training than he thinks he does. This is my second entry into KanohiJournal Contest 5: Lesovikk's Hiatus.-The InevitableStrange deaths in Makuhero City place Hero Factory on high alert. But how can they cope with a problem far beyond their control? This was a Halloween special and, I believe, the first Hero Factory fan-fiction posted in the Short Stories forum.-IgnitionDume offers Nuparu the chance to expunge his folly, the Kralhi, by creating a new security robot called the Vahki. Nuparu leaps for the chance of redemption, but as the day for the Vahki's ignition nears, he wonders if he is making the right choice. This was my entry into Short Story Contest 8: Title Twisters; it reached the People's Choice poll and earned first place in the People's Choice category. I am very proud of this story.* * *EpicsArchived:-Up in Flames (Review Topic)When Nova, Toa of Blue Fire, encounters the destroyer of his village and a powerful Dark Hunter, the resulting battles and chases push him to his limit. This is my first story about my Bionicle alter-ego, Nova, and my thousandth-post special.Non-Archived:-LSO 2012, Team Three, co-written with GSR, Eyru, and Janus (Review Topic)During the Time Slip, Helryx's mission to relocate Av-Matoran takes a turn for the worse. This is a round-robin story for the 2012 Library Summer Olympics; Eyru, GSR, and I are expecting to continue the epic (this time with pre-planning!) after the Epics judging period is over.

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