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The Heroes Of Aethion, Book 1: The Chronology Of Enigma

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Review Topic Parts revived from old Forums. Side note: I may seem to be on hiatus at times, and I will post the next chapter whenever I feel it is ready. Just to let everyone know. Sneak Peek: "It is the year 665 in the Aethion Expanded Multiverse. Several meteorites have fallen to Alarist. No one knows what —or who—these things are. The Hand of Faith clan on Barrawahi has noticed strange paranormal activity with the other clans. They seem to be… fighting against themselves? Clysmax seems to be reacting to a presence that is a negative form of the Coldstone, which caused its Cataclysmic Shattering. Is Clysmax’s time going in reverse? Is it going to be one planet? Promathus’ Glomosulfur seems to be corroding faster, due to more demand on weapons, which is taking a toll on this industrial planet. There is more purple ash on this planet. The slaves on Tannuk seem to be standing up against their tyrant king, King Taa. Atohune’s Olmak Totem Poles seem to be taking humanoid shapes. Are these – the legendary Olmak Warriors? Izumal seems to be having more problems with the Nanites. Something seems to be overriding them. Without the Nanites, Izumal is powerless! Could all of this be a special and governmental conspiracy started by Zuruk and the mysterious planet only known as Enigma? You will just have to wait for yourself. Many mysteries await you in… The Chronology of Enigma Time is running out!" Hope you like it! Please note: Zuruk and other characters were not made by me. Zuruk only appears in one scene in the entire book. Taa is a fundamental character. I also did not create the Aethion Expanded Multiverse. Review Topic~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Review Topic Prologue: Death Toll He was running. No thought was needed. No memory at all. Nothing. Oblivion. Everything seemed to lead up to this. Why he thinks. Why am I running. I am a Toa, and though I am exiled, I still should fight. He stops and turns around. The fatal noise stopped. The machine whirred to life. "Destruction imminent." "Delay destruction," he says. "Input access code." "Access code APAA7734," he says. "Access code not recognised. Continuing with destruction." He runs away. The machine explodes. Oh, yeah. I'm a fugitive on Izumal. Review Topic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Review Topic *Side Note: Iranu and Vraxan were made by Stryker055 and Elephant in the Room, (or whatever they go by now) respectively. I suggest that you read The Aethion Project by Srtyker055, and Hostage Diversion and The Shiva Protocol, both by Elephant in the Room. These are great epics, and you should read them* Chapter One: The Melding As the Olmak Totem's effect was taking place, Iranu noticed that he was near a lime green, hourglass-shaped, orb-sized object that had a purple aura. He was on a world with completely new technology. He realized that this must be Izumal, because he knew that anything he can't imagine must be on Izumal. He grabbed the "Green Orb" and walked alongside Vraxan to where he could see what he thought was Izumal. He remembers what happened that day... In the morning, he had a dream, where he was running from something. It must have been from Enlightened, because they seem to make machines. He woke up in the Alarist Planetary Authority Agency building, meaning that if a machine was in the building, they would have deactivated it. After the machine exploded, he ran back through the portal to Alarist, when he woke up to his mission alarm. Iranu checks the time. It is 6.30 Solar Time in the morning. "Finally! I've been waiting for a mission for ages!" Iranu made his way to the Conference room, where he was usually debriefed. "Iranu!" Snapped his boss on his communications link on his helmet. "You're needed in the Garage. You and Vraxan are being debriefed there." Vraxan. That would mean that this mission could get violent. Vraxan was known for his spasmodic violence attacks. They could be very painful. Iranu knew that from experience. "I'm on my way." "NOW!" His boss screamed. "Alright, alright! I'll go!" Iranu snapped. Being a Toa--a warrior, a hero--of Shadow, he crept along to the Garage's double doors, rematerialized in front of them, and opened them. The garage was more of a combination shipyard and docking bay, but when the Agency started, it was small, with very few vehicles, and was frequently expanded upon. In front of him were two beings he never thought would ever have a direct conversation together: Vraxan, his comrade, and his boss, Zhan. "...What do you mean we're waiting for one more party?" Says Vraxan. "I mean... Oh, look! He's here!" "Iranu?" Retorted Vraxan. "Xanthorp, is everything ready?" Iranu calls to no one in particular. "Yes, Iranu. Coordinates are loaded into your helicopter," Xanthorp, the missions manager and ship pilot, replies. "Iranu, being Head Field Agent, you'd normally get seniority, but today, since Vraxan, the Second-highest Ranking Field Agent, is with you, (which would more trouble than it would be worth, anyway)," Zhan mutters, "I'm going to have to give Schapell authorization for this one. He will also give authorization for the use of any and all weaponry and machinery." "Wait, Schapell meaning Agent # 0000004?" "Yes, Iranu. He was one of the 5 founders of the APAA. He has been given the authority and authorization to authorize any authorized weapons. Your mission is to go to the Power Grid and see who shorted it out. Nearly three quarters of the city is in mass chaos. The Vranthanium V7 helicopter is used to transport it to the power grid, and no exceptions!" "Yes, Sir!" The two Toa saluted him, and raced for the helicopter. "Wait! Weapons!" Xanthorp called. After Iranu and Vraxan were suited up and loaded up on weapons and Weapongloves, gloves that can turn into any weapon at the user's will, they raced to the helicopter. "I'm driving," Iranu said. "Alright. I call shotgun!" Conceded Vraxan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Elsewhere on Alarist... "Regno, did you do what we asked?" Said a heavy Russian accent. "Yes, Revolution, but for the last time, call me Regi." Said the one called Regi. "I understand, but we need that Cold Welder. Promathus won't ship it via Cargo Star, so, I need you to hack into the Alarist Cargo Star,... Regi," the last word Revolution spoke was one of hatred and loathing. He hated calling people by their nicknames. "It's always 'I understand,' 'understandable,' and the like, and yet, no matter how many times I say it, you keep calling me Regno. I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times if you like. It's Regi. Regi, Regi, Regi." "Just hack into the cargo star." "Alright." Said Regi. "Oh, and one last thing: Don't get caught by that APAA of yours. And this time, don't screw it up." "Okay." Regno di Baraonda shut off the hologram projector and receiver application on his Gadget. He turned to his desk, and pressed the button for his secretary. "Delilah, please send up my laptop, other Gadget, and hacking supplies." "Right away, sir. Oh, and a 'Haleeshi' wants to see you." "Send her up along with my supplies. Thanks." A couple of minutes later... "... A blibbering cool dude, I tell you. Always running to Tanuuk for limpets. Hi, Regi." "Thank you, Delilah," said Regi, now turning to Haleeshi. "Haleeshi, I just got a call from Revolution." "About what?" "He wants a Cold Welder from Miscellaneous Enterprises, but they won’t deliver it. He wants me to hack into the Alarist Cargo Star and retrieve one, and he’s getting very impatient." "Sounds like retribution, and a job for you." "Yes, it is. What were you talking to Delilah about?" "My former, and (I hope so) late bodyguard, Max. He was the type of blibbering cool dude who couldn't walk, talk, and chew bubblegum at the same time." "You say 'late' and 'was' meaning...what?" "I'm pretty sure I killed him, but who knows? Miracles are everywhere, right?" "Right. 'The Lord works in mysterious ways.' Now, what did you want to talk to me about?" "The APAA is at the Power Grid, and might be headed here any minute now." Haleeshi replied. "Delilah, activate Evacuation Procedure 7375." He says into his mike. "Alright. Everything is being packed up with F-Space we stole from F-Labs (Researchers of F-Science.), cars ready, saving all network files to a flash drive, lights will be shut off when we exit, and building will catch fire." "Contact everyone in the building to evacuate immediately. I'll bring my stuff down in my never-ending briefcase. I'm copying the files on my Gadget to 2 flash drives." Regi says. Once everyone is evacuated from the building and are in the cars, the building ignites. "Wait, we have to go back into the inferno, or at least with a Kanohi Hau and a Toa of Fire." Says Regi. "No! But what did you leave in there this time?" Asks Haleeshi. "I think one of the flash drives." "It'll burn in the inferno, right?" Delilah asks. "It would if it weren’t fire resistant." "But you dropped it in ice so it would burn, right?" Haleeshi asked. "I think so, but I don’t remember..." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Iranu, status report." Demanded Zhan over the communications link. "We're coming in on the power grid now. Preparing to land." "Alright. When you're done, we have a 401 that may be linked to the power grid ordeal." "A burning building?" "Yes." "Hang on, I see a body. Launching fire bombs." Vraxan said. "Vraxan, no! It might not be a hostile. It could be an innocent person." "I'm still launching them." Vraxan said adamantly. "I haven't authorized fire bombs yet, Vraxan!" "Sir? Schapell, is that you?" "No, it's me, Zhan." "Sir, you always were a trickster," Iranu called. "Is that a threat?!" Zhan screamed. "No, It's a promise," Vraxan said. "Find out its alliance, and if it's a hostile, KILL IT. We'll send an emergency team to the building for the time being. If the person is an innocent, then interrogate him on everything he knows." "Yes, Sir!" Iranu and Vraxan said in unison, a very strange occurrence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"No. You don’t understand. We need to go there now!" Regi commanded. "Or what?" Said Trace, the driver. Trace hated empty threats, and Regi almost always gave them. "Or I'll tell Revolution that you’re working for the APAA, and that you plan on either assassinating him or usurping his power!" "You wouldn't!" Trace said. "Try me." Regi retorted. "Just a question: What's so important that's in that flash drive?" Asked Haleeshi. "Every file on the network." Says Regi. "But it would burn, right?" Haleeshi asks. "No. That’s the problem. APAA could use it as evidence." "You didn't soak it in ice water?!" Haleeshi yells. "No, but I’ve been meaning to for a long time, but Revolution keeps calling me. A lot. I've had no time to do that." Regi continues. End Chapter One *For some reason, in the 2nd section, no matter how many times I edit it, it always ends up coming out as "cool dude," but in reality, it's supposed to be the I-D-I-O-T word.* Review Topic~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Review TopicStranded. That word brings horrible thoughts to me. Vraxan abandoned me to interrogate the “Traitor” in the APAA building. Something tells me, though, that this is only the beginning. I think that that toa, or whatever he is, Binns, is innocent. But we may never know… But meanwhile, I’m stuck with a retarded mission from Zhan. Reconnaissance duty. Please. That’s no mission fit for a Wotcher, or head field agent. Recon Duty on BZ-Koro can be boring. Very boring. Luckily, I have a partner. His codename is Nix; the reason being is that he’s a Zo-, or twilight, Troak. The Troak are bulky, and are less brain than brawn, I’ve seen. They’re about my height on average aswell. But Nix is no ordinary Troak. He’s smarter—way smarter than the average individual. His element is not natural—for his mother was a Kra-Troak (A shadow Troak) while his father was an Av-Troak (A light Troak). He was born with both elements to control, and can obscure an area with wavy lights; fill it with darkness; or a combination between the two. However, working with Nix can be a nightmare (Despite his mask being a Kanohi Eupho, the mask of good dreams). Due to his unnatural element combination, he is found having brief violent moments. Wait. Scratch that. More than brief violent moments. But, he is a good observer. Anyway, I still believe there is at least one traitor to the APAA here.Schoom. The door to Iranu’s quarters opened. “Zephyrixius.” Iranu said with a curt nod. “Iranu! Long time no see!” Said Zephyrixius, poundingIranu’s fist, the Toa equivalent of a handshake. “So, how’s life?” “Same as usual. After the excursion at Northridge on Tyrant,they told me to take it a little easier after Dane was killed.” “Will there be a memorial service?” “Yes. Towards the end of the year. “Wow. That’s…that’s three months away.” “Exactly. They say Dane was so worthless that other onescome before him.” “He was a powerful ally, and a formidable enemy to bet. Whythough?” “Why what?” Zephyrixius asked. “Oh, well it seemsthat hew was helping enslaved matoran out and they killed him.” “That calls for retaliation. Killing an offworlder…” Iranu’svoice trailed off. “I know. I think so too.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Hahleeshi-What’s our ETA on the warehouse?” “Forty-five minutes.” “Good. My source says the APAA’s on to our last location.” “Wow. It takes them a week to get to the building?” “Your internal calendar is off. It’s been a day. But mysource knew. However, he is my most trusted ally.” “How do you know?” “He’s a stitch, not a snitch.” “What?” “He keeps secrets, not tells them.” “Oh.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“My master, I have returned.” Good. The voice echoed around the chamber. Progress? “I believe they suspect.” Kill them. Kill them all. Leave NO WITNESSES. “Sire, shall I feed them to the Thursks? They are hungry.” Yes…Yes. Feed them to the Thursks of Atohune. End Chapter Two Review Topic~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Review Topic Chapter Three: The Silver Lining "Sir!" "Yes, Sacret?" "We've found something on the flash drive, Iranu." "What is it?" "Profiles on a Toa." "Element?" "Magnetism--Neh." "A Neh-Toa, hmm? Rare. Very rare indeed. What's his name?" "Re- Reg- Regno di Bar- Bara- Baraonda," Sacret said with some difficulty. "Regi," Iranu murmured. "What's that?" "Nothing. Get those profiles to my station." "Yes, sir!" "Oh, and Sacret?" "Yes?" "Never mind," Iranu waved him off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Clysmax falling.There's nothing I can do. I fear we all will be torn apart... "Nix?! Another vision?" "Yeah, Vraxan. I-I think Shatteredn will have something happen to it." "Like what?" "I don't know. But thanks for keeping me on task. I think Narcas is up to something." "What does the Ice King have to do with it?" Vraxan inquired. "Remember? Ice is believed to have created the Coldstone." "Oh, right." "Vraxan. Come in." "Yeah Iranu?" "We have intel on the drive. Report to Tech now." "I will," Said Vraxan, his metal wing shuddering. "Nix, I'm needed in Tech. Coming?" "Sure. Hang on a moment though." "Okay." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"They've - we have found you, Regi. Hide in our temple on BZ-Koro." "Okay. I'm on the southernmost point now. I'll get on over there." "No one can see you, or you'll jeopardize our mission." "Okay. Stop being my boss." "Well, I am. I formed the group." "Who knows?" "I think only me." "Think?" "Yes. You're gathering followers?" "Yes, and I'm assuming you are too?" "Yes. You're doing well - evading us and all." "Don't patronize me." "All right. I've got to go. We're searching for your energy signature. We haven't gotten to Central yet. The temple should block out your energy sig." "Okay. Bye." "Sir," Nacros, the Shadow-Walker said, "With all due respect, you're acting strange.""Why?" Ragos, the Red One asked."We would greatly like to know." Verdos, the Old Green said."It would give us great pleasure." Azros, the Young Blue stated. "Has anyone told you brothers that you're all so very annoying?!" "Yes." Ragos."Many times." Azros."Indeed." Nacros."Very much so." Verdos. "Agh! Make me a gate to the Temple of the Ancients." "Yes." All four said in unison, crossing hazy blades, fiery scythes, leafy spears, and liquid axes together. A blinding flash. A woman's scream. He was at the temple. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Clio de Barona screamed. She had just stepped ionto a room and saw a body hanging by a noose. She didn't know who it was, but it was frightening. She turned the body around and screamed louder. It was Rex, her youngest brother. "STOP SCREAMING!" Rex yelled. "I just went into a heliarium-induced coma." "And so you had to hang yourself to get it out." "Exactly. Now, if you would please get me out of suspension..." "Okay. Now--how do I do this?" "You'll need a nui-jaga scorpion, an Atohune triboldvum, and..." "Or I could just slice the rope," Clio said, repeating what she had just done. "That could work, too." "Knock-knock. May I come in?" "Leo! Have you seen our brother?" "Regi? No, I'm afraid. I haven't seen him since..." "Southraunt, I believe." Interrupted Clio. "Yes, it was Southraunt. He was the one that hacked a Deathwing." Leo, this time. "He is an excellent hacker." Rex. "And that's why he joined 'Revolution,' I guess." Clio. "Who is he--Revolution, I mean," asked Leo. "No idea." Rex and Clio answered at the same time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Where is he?!" "Patience, Narcas. He will come in due time." "In due time?! What's that supposed to mean, Raana?" "Simply stated, sir, the Sages have found him in Khiahu Ko." "Prince Zaha will come soon. The One says so." "Marhaana, stop. Your fortune-telling is getting old." "Sorry I'm late! Zinara had me sweeping the kitchens." "Again? What did you do this time? Or perhaps, what didn't you do this time?" "NOTHING!" "You were feeding the rats, weren't you?" Asked a new voice, female, by the tone. "Zaha, meet Melpomene. I have hired her to make sure you don't get into trouble. "Ha! A king in the making? As if!" Another new voice, a male. "Shup up, Auzin," commanded Zaha. "Just because I'm adopted doesn't mean you can insult me!" Yelled Auzin. "Stop it! Both of you! To your rooms!" Yelled Raana. "But-" "NOW!" "Yes, dad." "My lord, if I may," whispered Raana, "I don't think either of them are fit to rule." "Same here, Raana." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Sir, something's wrong with my computer!" "Oh, Prac! It's a worm! Everyone! Shut sown you computers! Xanthorp, I want you and your team down here now! Get this worm fixed!" End Chapter Three Review Topic Edited by Xanthorp




The Review Topic for this project


I hope you like them!

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