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species epic dystopian speaker dark

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#1 Offline Kopekemaster

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Posted Jan 27 2014 - 03:30 PM

So I'm going to be writing this. And it's probably going to get pretty dark and stuff by the time it's done.

But I think it'll be fun.


Review Topic



I am Toa. My name? I just gave it to you: Toa. That is all I am called here, for truly, that’s all I am.

They have never given us names. That would be silly, like trying to name every grain of sand on the beaches of Ga-Wahi. Utterly ridiculous.


Ever since the dawn of time, when the Great Spirit Mata Nui graced us with our lives, there has been one in control. We never knew who or what he was, and we weren’t allowed to ask. He demanded us to call him Speaker. And he deemed it well that Toa existed, and he wished for there to be more.

It was discovered by him that a Toa could create Toa Stones, which would enable six Matoran to become Toa. It was never told to us what became of the “donor” Toa, but we didn’t care. We had six new Toa, and we were happy with that.

Not two days ago, I was a Po-Matoran. Now I am a Toa.


I stood next to my worktable, carving an eye for a Toa statue that was to go up in Kini-Koro, one of the thousands there, dotted across the landscape. Some had been turned into protodermis fountains, some had been set up as memorials.

But all were there to remind us of the high priority, creating as many Toa as possible. 

I opened a drawer on my workstation and pulled out a chisel, preparing for the detail work, when I was approached by a brown Toa. I recognized him as an old once-matoran friend of mine, Teharen. I looked up at him, slightly hesitantly. Even though I knew him before, his being a Toa, it still unnerved me.

“Hello, Retras,” he said to me.

I nodded. “Hello, Teharen.”

“It’s time for you to become a Toa,” he said abruptly.

I looked up in shock. Sure, his appearance here was unprecedented, but I had decided that he had come to catch up, or something. But becoming a Toa. He had always dreamed of being one, and the statistics, well, the fact was that eventually, every Matoran would become a Toa at one point or another in their lives. But to actually become one was…unthinkable. But what an honor.

“Thank you,” I stuttered, feeling that I should kneel, or…something. I started to bend my knee after setting down my tools, but he lifted me up by my shoulder.

“Come with me,” he said. “Your time to become a Toa is now, and we must be swift. Speaker doesn’t like to wait.”

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#2 Offline Kopekemaster

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Posted Feb 04 2014 - 02:52 PM

Chapter One, Part 1

So I was kind of thinking about putting a new piece of the story on every Monday, but it's Tuesday today, so maybe every eight days? I dunno. Who knows if I'll even stick to a schedule.



Together we trudged across the Po-Wahi plain. The only way to get to Kini-Koro from Po-Wahi without walking for days was to ride in the Protodermis Chutes. In the center of the island, there were many chutes leading to specific places, but towards the edges of the different wahi, where I live and work, there was only one central chute.

And it was still a good distance away.

We started out at a slow run, Teharen prodding me along somewhat when I lagged behind. After a while, we slowed to a regular walking speed. Shortly after that, we broke into a slow run again, followed by walking. This we repeated four times before the I saw the chute.

Of course, though, there is a difference between seeing something and being there. We still had to do the running-walking cycle twice more before we arrived at the chute. I was breathing hard, bent over with my hands on my knees. While I wasn’t like a Ko-Koronian scholar, staying inside with no physical exercise, I rarely had to run that much or that long, and my body responded poorly to it. Most of my work was done with my upper body, after all, and scurrying around like a ussal crab was not to my liking.

While I tried to regain my breath, Teharen stood above me, nothing more than the faster pulse of his heartlight showing in any way that he had just been running.

Once I was able to stand up, I looked at him, a smile playing on my lips. “Well, I guess that will be one good thing with being a Toa.”

He looked at me.

“Not ever being tired out, I mean.”

His expression did not change. 

“It was a joke,” I said, my smile fading.

His face hardened.

“Let’s go,” he said.

There was a flight of stairs leading up to the chute, which I climbed up. The diameter of the chute was about three bio across, and two bio in the air. Supports held it up, each spaced apart by around half of a kio. Apparently the protodermis was held in by some sort of electromagnetic field, though the technicians had never explained very much about it all. I only knew what I did because of a few tablets I had found in one of our turaga’s huts.

After I climbed up the stairs, I took a look at Teharen, then jumped in. Instantly I was pulled along in the current. I looked behind me and saw a splash, caused by Teharen’s entry into the chute.

We were pulled rapidly towards the island center, the Kini-Koro that I had heard and dreamt so much about.

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#3 Offline Kopekemaster

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Posted Feb 22 2014 - 03:26 PM

Yeah, I know it's been a while. But I was sick, and [enter random excuse].

So, I made this entry longer than the others.


We were pulled across the island at a speed faster than I had imagined was possible. I had never ridden the protodermis chute before, since travel in it was illegal without explicit permission from Speaker. As we travelled, we didn’t see any other riders, though we did pass by seven other entrance stations.

Half an hour later, we emerged from the chute center in Kini-Koro.

As I looked around the city I had heard so much about, I realized something was much different than from how I had imagined it. I had imagined a metropolis full of Matoran, with Turaga governing and Toa protecting. Instead, the majority of beings he saw moving about were Toa and Turaga. Occasionally a Matoran would pass by, carrying a pile of tablets or scrolls, but other than that, not many were around. 

Before I had much of a chance to look around, though, Teharen pulled me along, towards the center of the city. From there, Speaker was said to run the island. It was also, Teharen told me as we ran along, where Matoran could become Toa. 

We ran through the streets, Teharen both guiding and dragging me. We turned through two alleys, which Teharen told me made the trip faster. As we went down one street, there loomed up before us a building larger than any I had seen before, larger than anything I thought could exist. I gaped, staring up at it as I ran, almost tripping and falling on cobblestones.

The base alone seemed larger than my entire village, and the tower rose twenty or so more levels before it was obscured by clouds. The base was surrounded by guards, spaced out every ten or so bio. 

Teharen led me through a door. The inside of the building was almost as incredible as the outside: the center of it leveled off into different sections where Toa could learn different techniques, practice with their Toa tools, and be taught of history and other subjects by teacher Turaga. Teharen led me to the next level, and into the center section for that level. No Toa were training here; the sign above the door read “Temple One”. 

As I stepped into the room, I noticed five other Matoran, led similarly by Toa, each from one of the six Wahi of the island. Teharen left me where I was, then went over to the wall, where the other Toa went as well. A small conveyer belt ran by that wall. Shortly after they went over, it shuddered then began to move.

Six small stones, each slightly tinted a color, fed out of the wall on the conveyer belt. Each of the Toa took a stone, then went to their Matoran.

Teharen came over and gave the stone to me. 

“This is a Toa stone. Just go over to that Suva and put it in the slot for Po-Wahi. I’ll be leaving you now, but if you need help, you can ask for me.”

The other Toa seemed to have said similar things to their Matoran, and the Toa shuffled out their respective doors.

The other five Matoran and I walked apprehensively towards the Suva, unsure of what would happen. We knew that Matoran were turned into Toa, but we didn’t know how it actually happened. 

A Ta-Matoran was to my right. I saw him shaking as he put his stone in the Suva. The others followed, and I watched them. In a moment, I realized that they were waiting on me to put my stone in. Embarrassed, I slipped my stone into the Suva.

Immediately, all six stones began to glow. We all stepped back nervously, but the Ta-Matoran moved back more than any of us, staring in fear at the Suva.

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#4 Offline Kopekemaster

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Posted Jul 01 2014 - 08:54 PM

It's been a while. Enjoy.


I had heard stories, legends, told of it before, the turning from a Matoran into a Toa. They said it was like floating in a sea, but not you being in the sea, the sea being in you. The great inside the small, the mighty within the weak.
All stories fell short of what it was truly like. I saw a bolt of lightning heading towards me, five others to the other Matoran, and saw nothing more. My vision was blotted out into white, whether from the brightness of the lightning or the pure energy coursing through my body, I wasn't sure.
I suppose, if I had to accurately describe the feeling, the words to describe it would be similar to those I already said. But... somehow, they don't describe it. The feeling of something larger going into you is strong. Perhaps because, in a way, it is the Toa who made the stone going into you. I don't know. I can't explain it any more accurately than those who told me.
When it was done, I felt a pang of longing as the energy faded, wishing for more of it before it fully left.
But it didn't leave, fully, at least. I looked down at my body. A slight steam rose from it, dispersing into the cool air of the facility, and it had completely changed. Utterly and completely. There were some similarities, true, a dent or nick here or there that I had in my previous body, just enough to let my know that it was, truly, still my body. But other than that, everything had changed.
I was much larger now, as would be expected for a Toa. I felt, just by raising my arm, that my strength had increased a hundredfold, if not more. I set my hand down on the floor, accidentally too hard, still getting used to my new form. Ripples formed away from my hand in the floor, spreading outward.
At first I was surprised, then remembered the obvious; I was a Toa of Stone. I could control stone. Focusing on the floor, I raised my hand sharply. A section of the floor burst up a ways, then fell back into the rest of the mass.
I stood up shakily, then became suddenly aware again of the other Matoran, now turned likewise into Toa.
The six other Toa re-emerged from their doors, and went to their respective Matoran. Teharen came to me.
"Incredible, isn't it?" he said, excitement seeping into his relatively flat voice. He then spoke of some things that would happen next, tests to see how powerful I was, a chance to choose my Toa tool, and other things, including the fact that he would be a mentor of sorts to me. He wouldn't be with me at all times, but he would be available for any questions I would have. I saw the other Toa speaking to their adepts similarly.
I saw movement around us, Teharen looked around, then led me where the other Toa were going, to one side of the Suva. A Turaga, clothed in an intricate cloak, emerged from one of the doors and stood before us, back to the Suva.
"Welcome, new Toa," he said in an obviously pre-rehearsed and oft-repeated voice and intonation. "I am Turaga Melkis. From here, you all will be assigned a number, as your mentors have no doubt told you already. This group will not be a Toa team, as, in our current state, we have no need for teams. You may all get acquainted, however, as Toa formed concurrently usually bond readily. For now, just follow the leading of your mentor Toa. They will show you what to do."
He bowed slightly, then left through the door from whence he came.

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#5 Offline Kopekemaster

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Posted Jul 06 2014 - 07:39 PM

These chapters are probably going to keep getting longer.


After talking amongst themselves briefly, the Toa came to the other newly-formed Toa and I.
"Follow us," Teharen said to me. I followed, as did the other Toa. We were lead out of a door next to the one the Turaga had exited by.
What we entered was a long hallway, lit by orbs hanging at regular intervals from the ceiling. At the end, there was a door leading right. One of the Toa opened it, and held it open as the others walked through.
Inside there was a desk with a tired-looking Turaga behind it. Our Toa instructed us to step up to the desk. When it was my turn, I stepped forward, wonderingly unconsciously what Kanohi the Turaga was wearing, for some reason.
He handed me a slip of paper. "One-five-six-two-three," he said, then waved me on. I looked at the paper, and it said the number as well: 15623.
Teharen joined me again.
"Is this the number that Turaga Melkis was talking about? What's that really for?"
"It's what you'll be known by," answered Teharen flatly. "For example, I'm 14296."
"But what's the point of that?" I asked? "Won't people call me Toa Retras?"
"But that's how they're always called in the legends! Like Toa Tahu and Toa Gali, and..."
Teharen's face hardened. "Give up on those legends. The Toa Mata failed. They were useless. They never could have awakened the great spirit."
I stood, aghast, trying to understand the outburst from Teharen. He and I had both loved the old stories, fantasized about 'what would have happened' together.
I tried to recover, thought about asking something, then decided against it. I closed my partly opened mouth, and faced forward.
Past the number-giver a ways, there was a door leading to a larger room, filled with weapons and a tough looking Toa of Earth.
"I'm Thomic, the weapons master here," he said. "Look around, and come to me if you have any questions, or think you've found the Toa tool you want."
I looked around for a while. The room was roughly divided into three categories, ranged weapons, staves, and swords. Of course, there was a good amount of bleeding-in and -out amongst those sections, as well as several other relatively unaligned weapons, such as hammers and claws, but it was organized enough to be easy to navigate.
I almost immediately drifted towards the staves. I had always thought them interesting weapons.
There was quite a selection of them available, and I took some time choosing. The newly made Ko-Toa was also looking at the staves, and gave me a look when I moved slightly towards him, almost as if he knew I was going to ask him what one he was thinking about. I stopped immediately, then went back to choosing.
Thomic meandered up to me shortly after. "Having any trouble?" he asked.
I was deciding between two at that point, an almost Rahkshi-like one, with small proto pitons on either end, and a staff with a small dagger on one end and a scythe-like blade on the other.
I nodded, and started to speak, but Thomic cut me off.
"The scythe."
"The scythe one fits you better. Go with that."
He turned to me, nodded, then walked off.
I lifted the scythe staff off of the wall, and felt immediately that Thomic had been right. Holding it, I felt natural, as if I had always been using the weapon.
I looked to Teharen, who was in one corner of the room, talking relaxedly with one of the other Toa, and lifted the weapon slightly. He nodded, a smile coming to his face.
I went to Thomic, who was pointing out a weapon to the seemingly hapless Le-Toa. When he finished, he turned to me.
"Pleased with it?" he asked.
"Yes. Very. How did you know I was..."
"It's a trait you begin to pick up when you work with weapons as much as I. What's your number?"
"Um." I checked my paper. "15623."
He took the staff, and pulled out a knife from his belt, then deftly carved my number into the shaft.
"There you go. Just so someone doesn't accidentally take it."
I nodded my thanks, then went over to Teharen. Shortly afterwards, the other Toa came over as well.
"Well," said Teharen. "Now you're ready to meet Speaker."

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