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BFTGM: Pscoius and Ohlinxi

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Wow, its been a REALLY long time since I posted here.  And to think, my poor little account was starting to worry that I would never do anything with it again :( ...


To start out this new beginning, I will be showing you my 2 main entries for the BFTGM contest.

The first one is my main model: Pscoius, Father of Machines:


Entry pichttp://www.mocpages.com/image_zoom.php?mocid=401515&id=/user_images/117573/1417379102m_DISPLAY.jpg

Gallery (when public)http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/401515

History: In an alternate universe, the collision of the bota, bara, and aqua magna (into spherus magna) caused spherus magna to explode on impact, destroying all 4 planets.  After many details and events occurred, an Onu-matoran rescued the mask of life, and brought it to safety on a distant asteroid.  After time went by, he found out what immense power it held, and created a new world with the fragments of the older ones.  With that, he created several lords to follow him, one being Pscoius.  Under these lords, there were the matoran, a slave-like race of smaller, weaker bio-mechanical organisms.  After years of failure with the new world, that Onu-matoran and the other villainous lords ganged up to defeat the others.  Instead, only a few survived, being forever neglected by society.  On his own island, Pscoius, with the power of gravity and psionics, created new abominations with the dead matoran and their weapons.  Because of this, he could now lead an army to the matoran infested island and take control of the new world.



The second one is Ohlinxi, Slayer of Zyglak:


Entry pichttp://www.mocpages.com/image_zoom.php?mocid=401514&id=/user_images/117573/1417378531m_DISPLAY.jpg

Gallery (when public)http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/401514

History:  Once the "bad" lords were banished, the remaining lords gave the worthy matoran protodermis, so that they can defend their island.  Although their powers were binded to the island, some of the new toa ventured off to distant islands in the search of greater power.  After several toa disappeared, the matoran were outraged.  In a decisive plan, several matoran broke in and when into the protodermis, transforming them into toa.  Several of these toa wanted more power, so they started to steal the power of the good toa.  Because of this, all toa (except for 10 of them) were banished to the depths of the ocean.  In here, they either survived by killing or died trying.  Ohlinxi, an Onu-matoran, learned how to survive, especially around the presence of zyglak.  After years of mercilessly killing the zyglak kind, he was ready to rise up onto the surface.  When he finally went on shore, his thirst of killing was intensified.  In spite of this, he went around, gathering followers to try to take over the island.  After a while, he found the makuta, and decided to join them.  Because of this, he was stationed at the snowy tops of Onu-koro's mountains, slaughtering any matoran that happens to go by.


So thats it.  Sorry that the back-stories were so short, but I'm very busy, and I only had enough time to write the very basics.  The actual stories are a lot more in depth and explanatory.  I'll be posting the rest of my completed MOCs in the upcoming week or so when I have time...


Comments and criticism are appreciated  :D




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