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Tragedy And Comedy


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spyder ryder
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Posted Nov 05 2011 - 01:01 PM

Roodaka looked out from the stage at the sea of faces that looked up at her. She recognized nearly all of them. Sidorak, Makuta Teridax, The Toa Hagah, Toa Helryx, The Shadowed One, and dozens of others that she had betrayed. The theater was dark, the only source of light was the spotlight that shone on her. The Vortixx was afraid, more afraid than she could ever recall being. But it would soon grow worse. Roodaka suddenly felt a strange sensation fill her body. It was unlike any she had ever felt before. It suddenly dawned on her that she couldn't move. She momentarily thought she was paralyzed. She involuntarily took a step forward. There was no resistance; she had no control over it whatsoever. A second spotlight suddenly appeared only a few yards away. There stood a being whom she had only seen months before; the mad Skakdi known as Vezon. His face was locked in a perpetual grin. But Roodaka could see his eyes. They were wide and fearful, much like she imagined her own would look right now. Then she noticed the strings. They were nearly invisible, but the Voritxx could see them in the spotlight. They were attatched to Vezon. The Skakdi spoke. "Hello Roodaka. What are you doing today?" The words came out as if he was genuinely speaking, but Roodaka could tell the Skakdi was being controlled. "Very well thank you," she replied. The words were out of her mouth before she knew that she had said them. The Skakdi walked toward her. His gait almost looked normal, but had an unnerving quality to it. His movements were slightly wooden. Roodaka could now see that the strings were moving him, like a.....puppet. She was able to look down at her arm. She saw the thin, gossamer string that had bonded with the top of her hand. "I should imagine so. Life's been so kind to you. I wonder if you've been kind back." Some of the audience chuckled, although Roodaka herself thought the joke was terrible. "What about you?" said the Vortixx. The Skakdi struck a thoughtful pose. "I don't recall. I think so. Life once gave me a wondrous mask, but I had to give it back. What about you? Have you ever worn a mask?" "Yes," replied Roodaka, "I wear one to cover my ugly face." The audience broke into a thunderous round of laugher. Roodaka's eyes widened. The hurtful words had come out of her own mouth. "Oh, you're not so ugly," said Vezon, "I once went on a journey with a Vortixx who was so ugly that she frightened Tren Krom. Oh wait, that was you." Roodaka could see into Vezon's eyes, and could tell right away that he was just as horrified as she was that he was saying them."Oh well. We can't have everything." "I guess so. I mean, what would the world be like if we always had what we wanted?" "Pretty good, actually." The audience laughed. Roodaka was terrified. She glanced out at the crowd, who sneered jeeringly at her. She wanted to know what was happening, to know what kind of horror was being brought upon her. But she was only able to move through the will of another, more powerful being. "Roodaka, would you like to dance?" suggested the Skakdi. "Why yes I would Vezon," replied the Vortixx. A bizarre melody began to play from an unseen band. It was a simple tune, and sounded like calliope music. Inside of her mind, Roodaka was screaming. But there was nothing she could do. She moved toward the Skakdi and grabbed his hand. The two of them began a strange, comical dance. The Vortixx could feel herself being put into various poses that no doubt made her look moronic and stupid. The same thing was happening to Vezon. The pair of beings continued their odd dance. It consisted of many twists and turns. At one point, Roodaka's head was pulled upwards. She was now able to see the thing that controlled them. It was a figure who had no definitive shape; it was little more than a wraith half hidden in the shadows. It held the manipulators in spindly claws, and maneuvered them in an expert fashion. Just like her. It suddenly struck Roodaka that this was what she had done to others throughout her life; manipulating them for her own devious ends. But now it was happening to her. She was the puppet now. The music suddenly quickened pace. Roodaka and Vezon danced even faster. With horror, she realized that their strings were becoming tangled up. The audience was laughing manically at the unfortunate beings. Soon, the pair was suspended in a tangled web of string; their bodies hanging at odd angles. Roodaka looked at Vezon through teary eyes. Still grinning, Vezon's eyes told a different story. They looked weary and accepting of his fate, even as the two were pulled upwards. Roodaka heard the audience applaud as the bright red curtain descended.
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