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Secrets And Shadows

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Posted Dec 03 2011 - 02:53 AM

This is my SSC8 entry. AND it's the prelude to an epic. Whoo, you get two for the price of one, which is free, so really... You overpaid. :P"Ahh, I see you've awaken," A deep booming voice said. "Do you remember?""R-remember what?" A being, laying on the ground, asked."Perfect."The being looked around at his surroundings. All he could see was darkness, like being in a cave.He couldn't recall how he got there, or anything at all, for that matter."On your feet Toa," The voice said again.As he got to his feet, he noticed a shadow, that seemed to stand out from the rest."You..." Was all the Toa could muster. He couldn't remember why, but he felt a burning hatred for the figure.He looked at himself, his armor was black and had some grey, but it might have been silver at one time.This doesn't help me remember anything!Suddenly, before he could finish looking over his armor, lightstones appeared, illuminating the room.No... Not lighting the room. we've been transported, he realised.Looking around the new room, he noticed it was another cave, but with light stones, and two swords laying at his feet.The figure smiled, as it's eyes turned red and flashed.The Toa felt a strong force hit him, instantly knocking him to the ground.He jumped back to his feet, grabing the swords, and getting into a defensive stance."You stand no chance against a Makuta, Toa!" The dark being laughed"Who are you? AND WHY DO YOU CALL ME TOA?" cried the black armored being."You'll have to discover that for yourself... If you can survive," The Makuta said."I'll kill you!""Perhaps... But it'll start you on a journey. A journey you don't want to embark upon!"This confused the Toa. Why would he not want to remember his life, who he was, and why he was called Toa?Maybe it's my name? Or something more?As if reading his mind, the Makuta replied,"Trust me. You don't want to remember anything.""If you truly were helping me, then why have you attacked me?""To see, if you could still serve a purpose."Well, he's obviously not a friend."And do I?""No."The being felt the ground suddenly tremble, as the cave shook, and the wall collapsed.A strange Rahi with 2 heads, each upon a long neck, and with 4 horns, broke through the wall."NO!" The black armored Toa cried, as he fell to the ground, hold his head.Wait... that can't be real! I don't know how, or why, but I know it can't be! But no reason to let this "Makuta" know...The Makuta with a long blade in his hands, walked toward the Toa."You're pathetic." He said, drawing the blade.He's close enough, the black armored Toa thought.Grabbing his sword, the Toa jumped to his feet, spinning around, suddenly thrusting it into the Makuta's chest."Deceit, is a powerfull weapon, Makuta! But I weld it best!"The Makuta, whose eyes with filled with horror, couldn't seem to muster a response, as he fell to the ground.The black and grey armored being, not even looking back at his work, just smiled. "Well, it appears your little 'monster' has disapeared. Perhaps he teleported away?""You would mock a dying being?""You deserve it.""How would you know?"Anger rised in the Toa. He knew the Makuta was right. What if he just killed a great being? Heck, he could even be a hero!No..He deserved it.As the Toa walked through where a wall once was, he looked back at the Makuta, who had a sword still impaling, one last time."Toa, you do not want to take this path.""What 'path' do I not want to take?""The path to the truth. What you find will make you remember. Remember why you asked for your memories taken away.""I-I... Asked for this?"He saw the Makuta grow still, and knew he wouldn't get a response.I have a feeling he's going to end up right about this journey, the Toa thought, as walked off.
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