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LEGO Discussion Rules & Guidelines

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Welcome to the rules topic for the LEGO Discussion Forum. :)
This forum is devoted to all LEGO-related discussion that doesn't fit in any of the themed discussion forums.

Chima, Ninjago, Bionicle, and Hero Factory discussion thus is now not a part of this forum. Discussion of all other themes, sets and story, belongs here.
LEGO Discussion Rules
1. Obey all general BZPower rules, as found in the Reference Desk.
2. No flaming. This essentially means insulting people. Before you submit your post, ask yourself if you have let slip an insult, and edit it out. And in general, calm down and remember this is all about entertainment. Chill and stuff. :)
Note: Posting in all caps is considered yelling which can be seen as flaming, so is also not allowed.
3. No trolling. This is a murky issue that basically means being stubbornly antagonistic or hostile -- failing to be cordial and polite even while disagreeing, for example -- without actually clearly flaming. This sparks others to flame, making them look like the culprit when really the troller is. In other words, to quote the main BZPower rules, it is "trying to force someone into an argument".
Note: Please do not confuse trolling with disagreement. This is a discussion site and so we do want you to speak your mind, but to do so politely and remember that we are a community. :) By the same token, please do not act offended if someone expressed disagreement with you, and do not claim that they have no right to do so.
4. No spam. Posts must add to the discussion's subject. Stay on topic, and avoid "repetition & agreement spam", which basically means posting the same thing others have already posted or just quoting them and saying "I agree".
Note: Many topics, especially in this forum, ask for individual opinions on a subjective subject.For example, a topic asking for personal reactions to LEGO's changes over the years (a popular subject) is fair game for agreement posts. But in a topic asking for the official answer to the reasons behind a LEGO company decision, they would be spam. Many members seem to have trouble judging the difference -- basically, if there is a single objective answer that can't be logically debated, there's no need to add agreement.
5. Avoid confusing titles. The title should tell everybody what the topic is about -- exceptionally unclear titles may be edited by staff to clarify.
(For example, if your topic if about HF, or Roboriders, or Ninjago, or Atlantis, something in the title should make that clear. Also, HF topics focused on story, not sets, are best clarified in the title too, so for example we do not confuse "Favorite Hero Character" topics with favorite HF set topics, the latter of which doesn't belong here. However, this is more of a guideline than an actual rule. :pirate: )
6. No topic revival past 60 days since the latest post.
7. Do not make "dupe" topics, which means a topic about the same specific subject as an existing active topic (meaning a topic that hasn't "died" by going past the revival limit). Before posting a new topic you should skim the current topic titles in LD and if you find one about what you wanted to talk about, simply post in it.
8. Do not post your topic more than once. If you get a Mail error, or "Page cannot be displayed" when posting a topic, do NOT click "Back." Close the window, and bring BZP up in a new one, so that you can get back to this forum, and check to see if your topic really did go through. Most times it has.
Note: The exception to both of the above rules is if the previous topic (either by you or someone else) has died, but you think there is still room for discussion. In such cases you may repost the old topic, but please include a note about it as you do.
9. No offensive/inappropriate language or content, and no controversial subjects such as religion/origins/politics.
Note: Occasional comparisons of aspects of official LEGO story (besides Bionicle story which belongs in S&T) aspects to controversial real-world subjects may be acceptable if they are done very carefully, but are best avoided because they tend to get out of line too, and LEGO isn't the real world anyways. (But comments about such subjects posted only for their own sakes will be removed; find other sites to discuss them.) Above all, remember this is a family-friendly site.
10. If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, please PM me and I'll try to answer in a timely fashion. :)
Topic Subjects Guide for LEGO Discussion
The following subjects for discussion shown in black do, yes, belong here in LD. Discussion that belongs elsewhere is highlighted in red with a link to the forum where it does belong.*
General LEGO criticisms, analysis, praise, and complaint topics (such as opinions on changes and trends), again, if NOT specifically about either sets or story, belongs here.


Discussion about themes that do not have a dedicated forum belongs here.
--> Bionicle sets and other discussion belongs in Bionicle Discussion
--> Hero Factory discussion belongs in Hero Factory Discussion

--> Ninjago discussion belongs in its own forum

--> Chima discussion has its own forum too
--> Bionicle story discussion, including theories and story-limited favorites, belongs in Bionicle Storyline & Theories*
Other LEGO lines story discussion (such as Ninjago, Pirates, etc.), including theories and story-focused favorites, belongs here.
--> All fan creations belong in the respective Creative Outlet subdivisions
NOTE: HF MOCs (fan-made plastic creations) now belong in the same forum as Bionicle MOCs; that is Bionicle-Based Creations. Similarly, printscreens of HF LDD MOCs belong in BBC as well (although the rules there do not say this, the administration confirms it), not here.
--> Discussion of BZPower itself still belongs in General Discussion (and of course BS01 discussion goes in its forum, and non-LEGO discussion goes in COT)
--> Set trading discussion and the like goes Buy/Sell/Trade.



(Edited 9/28/14 to reflect the new forum structure and purpose of this forum. -Wind-)

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