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Trans-Red Kanoka TRK 10202 Ultimate Dume with Mask of Power sealed

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Hello Bionicle fans,




Special offer for the Trans-Red Kanoka SEALED (with French Bionicle comics #1)

Price on BL $50

Price on BZP $45


Special offer for 10202 Ultimate Dume (with exclusive Mask of Power) SEALED

Price on BL $120

Price on BZP $110


Full set of 96 Krana $250 $150

Full set of 48 Krana-Kal $150 $100

Full set of Kanoka including "175", TRK, Tan, Disc of Time $300 $200

Full set of 2001 Toa Kanohi $5

  • red hau, trans-blu kaukau, green miru, brown kakama, black pakari, white akaku (many sets available)

Full set of 2003 Matoran of Mata Nui (8581-8586) SEALED

Price on BL $54

Price on BZP $45


Kanohi 2001 prototypes


Toa 2001 Masks Prototypes (front)


Toa 2001 Masks Prototypes (back)


Prototype Toa Pohatu + Prototype Rock


Prototype Toa Pohatu and Prototype Rock


Many sealed sets from 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Click here to go to my BL store



  • Please PM only if you are willing to buy, thanks!
  • Worldwide shipping with tracking for up to 2 kg : $19 (Europe $14.50) - not insured
  • Payment : Paypal or IBAN (Europe only)

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