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Zakann the Delirious

Zakann's Ebay Store: OODLES of G1 Sets

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What's up folks, I spent literal weeks scouring my closet and various bins to organize and rebuild as much of my old collection as possible, and now I'm finally putting them up for sale. I have over 100 Gen 1 classics to ship out!


Current Listings:




Vhisola (4.99 USD)

Tehutti (4.99 USD)

Orkahm (4.99 USD)

Ehrye (4.99 USD)


Toa Whenua (9.99 USD)




Toa Hordika Whenua (9.99 USD)

Toa Hordika Nuju (9.99 USD)




Piruk (4.99 USD)


Hakann (12.99 USD)


Piraka Outpost (29.99 USD)




Barraki Deepsea Patrol (44.99 USD)




Skrall (12.99 USD)


Kiina (12.99 USD)


Skopio XV-1 (119.99 USD) 



This is what's available right now, but I will be regularly adding more listings as I photograph the sets I've finished - if anyone has any requests, I will do what I can to make those sets a priority. There are a few favorites I'm hanging onto for nostalgia, but I most likely have what you're looking for!


Every set I am selling will be 100% complete and in - at least - functional condition. I've kept mostly great care of my parts, but there are of course a few casualties of reckless youth and the Great Cracking Crisis of 2007-2008ish. I'm prioritizing my sets with the most pristine parts for the time being, but may start selling some of the jankier ones at discount prices if I work my way through all the good stuff. 


I am open to negotiating prices, but note that I probably won't go any lower than the original retail price for the foreseeable future. I've done my best to keep the pricetags fair based on Bricklink's recommendations and matching other listings on Ebay, but please do let me know if you think I'm overcharging on anything!


Hope you guys are interested. I will be editing this post with updates!




12/1: All Metru Nui Matoran are now listed!

12/3: Gadunka Sold

12/6: Lhikan Sold

12/12: Jaller and Gukko, Piraka Outpost are now listed!

12/13: Jaller and Gukko Sold

12/15: Exo-Toa, Balta, Piruk, and Barraki Deepsea Patrol are now listed!

12/16: Nuhrii Sold

1/16: Nuju Sold

1/19: Irnakk is now listed!

1/23: Balta and Irnakk Sold, Kiina is now listed!

2/3: Avak, Vezon and Fenrakk, and Lesovikk are now listed!

2/5: Avak Sold

3/1: Icarax is now listed!

3/7: Exo-Toa Sold, Hydraxon is now listed!

3/8: Onewa and Whenua Metru are now listed!

3/19: Vezon and Fenrakk, Lesovikk, and Onewa Sold

3/21: Karzahni, Nuju and Whenua Hordika, Skrall, and Ackar are now listed!

3/23: Hydraxon Sold, Brutaka is now listed!

3/25: Fero and Skirmix is now listed!

3/27: Brutaka Sold, Hakann is now listed!

3/28: Skopio XV-1 is now listed!

4/4: Karzahni, Icarax, Ackar, and Fero and Skirmix have Sold

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2001-2003 is probably the area where I'm most behind, but I'll get on putting those guys together as soon as possible. Jaller and Gukko should be the first up from that era, I just have to find one of those little flex hoses that go on Gukko's back... I'll make that a top priority going forward! 

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I have 10 Kraata total, but 6 of those are reserved for the Rahkshi since I'd like to be able to sell those complete. The four extras are:


Sand Blue Metallic/Medium Blue (choice of Stage 1 or Stage 3)

Lemon Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic (Stage 2)

Sand Blue Metallic/Dark Gray (Stage 3)

Bright Yellow/Reddish Gold (Stage 4)


If you'd be interested in any of the Rahkshi, those come with:


Guurahk - choice of Stage 1 or Stage 3

Turahk - Stage 5

Lerahk - Stage 2

Kurahk - Stage 5

Vorahk - Stage 4

Panrahk - Stage 4


Hope this is helpful!

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