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City of Secrets preview

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I randomly came in the Comics forum for a reason that escapes me and found something brand new. Needless to say, I was excited, but also mildly convinced I was dreaming. Now, onto my thoughts.

Welcome to BZPower! I like that you decided to go the MOC comic route. Those are always special; yours in particular. I've never seen a MOC comic show the characters Photoshopped onto a background like that. I've seen characters have their colors Shopped when the creator didn't have the right pieces (I happened to be one of those characters) and I mostly see the characters parading around the creator's house or couch, but never anything like what you did. I was pleasantly surprised by that and I can't wait to see what other places you will take your characters. Also, your lighting on the MOCs is pretty decent. Granted, the colors on the figures are too vibrant, but I'm willing to overlook that because of the camera lighting and quality you had. It looks like you have a great camera.

The main character looks cool, at least from what I can see. I love his brick-built head and hands; really open up your options for the character's design and you took advantage of it. In the way of seeing him, I almost wish I saw a full-body shot of him before reading the preview as I thought him and caped figure at the start/with the wanted poster were two different people. Maybe they are and I'm just off my rocker today, but I keep finding myself scrolling back up to make sure. As for the Zyglak, I was happy to see that you incorporated CCBS into their design, resulting in a more modern look that stays faithful to their original model. They look freakishly threatening and I wouldn't mind a full body shot of one of them, either.

I only have two concerns about what you put together. I promise I'm not bullying you when I say these concerns; I like what you're doing here and I wanted to bring them to your attention to help you as a content creator. The first and most obvious thing is that you broke a BZPower rule. It was just the foul language rule, so that should hopefully be an easy fix.

My other concern is how short the preview was. I get that this is a preview and that there's more on the way, but I could not tell what the plot was supposed to be. The guy gets chased, there's a wanted poster, and the chase ends? Judging from the title and the setting, I can tell that there's a big mystery or a few. Just by looking at the panels of the comic, I can tell that the setting is extremely dangerous and that there are wanted fugitives on the loose, but that's all I could gather. I don't know why the Zyglaks were huddled together, I don't know if that cape was grabbing the wanted poster, and I don't know the significance behind the titular City of Secrets.

All that being said, I really hope I didn't deter you from continuing your project. I want to see you keep going so I can learn the secrets of the city and learn more about the guy getting chased by the swarm of Zyglaks. Does he make it out okay? What did the criminals do to warrant a price on their deaths? The Comics forum is basically dead, but if you keep posting comics, I'll keep coming back and reading them.

Good luck, thank you for reading this reply, and again: welcome to BZPower!

mindeth the cobwebs

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