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Hi to all Lego fans. Today I would like to post my latest project dedicated to modular buildings. I present Victorian House perfectly compatible with the collection of the modular expert line. For those who like to support my work, here is the link to rate it.


I love the modular buildings of the Creator Expert Line, this project is inspired by model n 10228 Haunted House. My construction is perfectly adaptable to the other Modular Buildings. Normally Lego Modular are made up of 3 or more blocks with a top view. I prefer to open the construction halfway to the side because it allows for greater playability and a better view of the internal rooms. Obviously it's my personal opinion. I have used Lego Digital Designer for the project while for the rendering Studio.
The building consists of 2384 bricks and is divided into 3 levels. I gladly accept advice to improve my construction technique. Thanks and have fun in the Lego world.1054240977_ProvaModulari.thumb.png.c8a1a47ed93caffd2a0af2d74054d64c.png


Victorian House Completed.png

Victorian House C (Front).png

Victorian House C (Open).jpg


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Looks pretty cool. Could probably use some stairs, buts always a pain to work into MOCs for me.

Is it strange to be annoyed that other people are using my color?

Y'all know who you are.


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