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Anyone have 2001 Kanohi or 01 Rahi? (or 8998 Toa Mata Nui?)

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Title says all. Getting back into it. Let me know if you are willing to sell! Thanks!

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I still have masks. 100 of blue Kopaka  masks I won in a contest way back when (autocorrect won't let me type tha masks name), but almost a full origional set plus some misprint and the McDonalds matorans. Maybe an extra infected mask in good condition, but I'd have to look for it.[edit; I might have an extra TNGM that MFuss gave me back in the day, but I can only part with that if I find both)


Which do you need? They're at my dads place, but I'm planning to go there this week. Maybe I have what you need, or I might part part with all if the price is good. I'm not enjoying them anyways so I'd rather sell them to somebody who will.

I think I even have the canvas folder thing to hold them. Tho the plastic is likely brittle after so long.


PM and/or email me at adirtywop@hotmail.com. 

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Is it strange to be annoyed that other people are using my color?

Y'all know who you are.


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