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Legends of the Bionicle Library Topic

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Credit to Llortor for the custom Nuva Symbols

Hello and welcome to my library topic, specifically my series called Legends of the Bionicle, although if I write anything unrelated it will go here as well in a separate section.

Background on LotB

Legends of the Bionicle is roughly based on an ongoing storyline my brother and I played when we were kids. I thought it would be fun to adapt to a story and share it with everyone.

The story of LotB is mostly the same as the Bionicle canon storyline with a few changes such as the roster of the Toa Mangai and Nidhiki being from a continent called Rehi Nui as opposed to the Tren Krom Peninsula. It diverges in severity however once the Matoran return to Metru Nui as Mata Nui doesn’t begin to die. So what might happen if Takanuva didn’t have another crisis to hold his attention so soon after Makuta? Read The Vahi’s Destructive Power and find out!

Reading Order

The Vahi’s Destructive Power - Takanuva gets a dangerous idea and acts on it. But will it land him in a world of trouble?

Resurrection and Redemption - After a time wave rips through the universe, a hero finds himself once more in the land of the living, forced to confront a ghost from his past.

Purity of Hearts - Vamkoda relays the story of how he met Malohi hundreds of years ago, and learns a valuable lesson along the way.

Time Heist - After the opening exhibition match to the new kolhii tournament, a monster arrives on Metru Nui with only one target in its sights: the Mask of Time.

Tension Rising - As tensions reach the breaking point between the Resurrected and the rest of the population, Lhikan is brought face-to-face with true evil.

Landing Day - Being unsafe on Metru Nui, Takanuva leads the Resurrected to a new island where they learn they may have not been the first ones to visit.

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Library Topic ^ Credit to Llortor for the custom Nuva Symbols

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