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Legend Of Greno Nui

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#1 Offline Metriod Master

Metriod Master
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Posted Apr 06 2012 - 07:10 PM

Chapter 1 It Awakens... As Gartan descended the endless steps, he reflected upon the history of the island. Life on the island of Greno Nui was technological haven. They were self suficant, and never made contact with any other island. But the resources soon ran out, and civil war broke out, culminating in the matoran being split in six. He himself had volintered to biological experimentation. Like a dozen other ta-matoran, he had a flamethrower grafted into his arm. The only memory he had of life before the war was a keepsake stone. He had purchased in his home village. It glowed mysteriously as if it was an ember launched out of an active volcano. He had recently been assigned as leader of special ops team to explore territory recently captured from the onu-matoran. Now as his recollections finish, he begans to notice pictures carved into the wall. They depicted six figures battleing a monster made of the six elements, yet not turnning to solid protodermis as the pre-war ga-matoran expeiments had proved. The as he descended, he noticed his stone begin to glow. When his squad reached the bottom, all that was there was a statue of a figure crouching over. One leiutenant approached the statue and in flash was smashed into a wall and killed on impact. What was assumed to be a statue sprung at the other three members of Gartan's squad, and was instantly set ablaze by the three matoran's weapons. As they began to relax, the fire moved to envelope the creatures arm, and in an instant, it's arm became a replica of the matoran's flamethrowers. It quickly dispatched of Gartan's two companions, and when the two had perished, the creature shifted it's attention towards Gartan, and turned the deadly stream of flame upon him. As the fire closed in on Gartan, it began to part and flow around. Gartan slowly lowered his shield to wonder what had caused this occurance, when the creature opened fire upon the wall, and a hail of stones began to rain down. Gartan raised his shield to protect himself, but was buried. After a tedious hour of digging his wayout, He emerged to see a a gaping hole in the wall, with hardened magma around the edges. Beyond the rubble of the wall, a figure began to move......Review Topic: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=4303

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I am in need of the Limited Edition DLC from soul calibur 4. Please contact me if you have it.

#2 Offline Metriod Master

Metriod Master
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Posted Apr 07 2012 - 11:45 AM

Chapter Two As Onaka patrolled the tunnels, clenching his good luck rock, he reflected on what a waste this was. No matoran was aware of the tunnels existance outside the onu-matoran. He was begining to consider complaining to his superiors when the wall behind him melted. A mysterious gray creature jumped through the gaping hole and hissed at the sight of Onaka. Onaka took a split second to figure out what this new arrival was. His eyes soon focused on the creature's left arm, a ta-koran bio enenginered flamethrower. His eyes quickly noticed the glint of red armor lying behind the creature. He quickly deduced that this was some sort of bioweapon gone mad. He trained his sonic cannon on the creature, and both him and it fired at the same time. When the smoke cleared, he was surprised to find himself alive, though his goodluck stone was too hot to touch. When he turned his attention back on the creature, he let out a yelp of suprise to see the creature not only unharmed, but it now had a replica of his sonic cannon on it's right arm. It dashed at him, and knocked him into the wall, knocking him unconcious. He awoke about 50 minutes later, wondering what had just happened. As he looked around he noticed one of the piles of rock behind the wall was stirring. He quickly trained his weapon on it as a ta-matoran emerged with cracked armor and broken power conduits. He quickly trained his own weapon on Onaka, but as he rushed forward, he staggered and fell. As soon as he regained conciousness, Onaka began to interogate him about the mysterious creature. After the questioning, the Ta-matoran, who Onuka had learned that his name was Garten, Garten proposed a an alliance, shocking Onuka. He asked why, and Garten said that that creature had killed his comrades. He felt the need to avenge them. Onuka decided to get revenge on that thing as well, and knowing an alliance between the tribes would be a hinderence due to lack of trust and issues in command, He agreed to the alliance.On the other side of the island,As Japo raced across the dunes, he spotted a figure in the distance.....review topic: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=4303

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I am in need of the Limited Edition DLC from soul calibur 4. Please contact me if you have it.

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