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The Sanctum Of A Wordsmith

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#1 Offline Nuile the Paracosmic Tulpa

Nuile the Paracosmic Tulpa
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Posted Jun 07 2012 - 06:33 PM

The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling flicker as you pass beneath them. Their light casts a surreal aura on your surroundings. They sway with an ominous creak; back, and forth . . . back, and forth . . . back . . . go back, they seem to say. Go back.But something draws you on. Few dare enter this section of the library, but you're not the type to be put off by that. You're the type to wonder why. You're the type to fathom its secrets . . . and reap the rewards.Amidst the labyrinth of dusty shelves you find a desk buried in a panoply of books and papers and, inexplicably, bark shavings. Among the detritus there sits the largest thesaurus you have ever seen. Then you notice the papers fluttering, and you hear--breathing?Precipitately a voice booms out, deep and sonorous. It seems to come from all around you, as if from the books themselves. "You have disturbed my sanctum.""I--I'm sorry, I didn't know.""What brings you to this literary cloister?""I was curious."There was a pause. "And what did you hope to find?""Something to read, of course.""This is a library. There are plenty of things to read. Why come here?""Because I want to explore all the realms of this library."The voice sounded satisfied. "This is a sanctuary for the inquisitive traveler of fiction. Here I fling wide my gates for the curious reader.""Thank you." Hesitantly, you add, "But--who are you?""Me? I am the spirit of these stories."At last you think you have pinpointed the source of the voice. Circumnavigating the desk, you find behind it a young Matoran with glowing eyes and an effervescent grin etched across his green mask."You're no spirit. You're just a Matoran.""Ah! But I did not say I was a spirit. I said, and I am, the spirit of these stories.""What stories?"The Matoran's eyes twinkled. "I was hoping you would ask that. Come; let me show you."Short StoriesBIONICLE Fan FictionIn the Jungle is a tale of the Spirit of the Trees, and his struggles with love and rupturing peace in a world of wild, untamed beauty. (5,261 words)I am the Jungle continues Kaomat's tale in a new setting, with a new vibe, and with old friends. (3,157 words)Jungle Beauty, a mini-story that reveals Kaomata's thoughts and reflections upon the jungle and its beauty, and Hahli and hers. Set shortly after In the Jungle. (600 words)Jungle Rhythm. Another mini-story, in which Kaomata learns to appreciate the jungle anew. This is an upbeat sequel to Beauty, set in the same time frame. (598 words)Lhii and the Hunters of the Dark is a Legend of Lhii that represents one of Lhikan's most famous moments. (599 words)The Necrofinch is a personalized BIONICLE rendition of Poe's The Raven. (599 words)Mirror shows me face to face with my own counterpart in a little reversal on Carroll's Through the Looking Glass. (600 words)Heritable Honor. Jala get's a new mask, and with it, inherits a new unity, a new duty, and a new destiny. But can he live up to it? (595 words)All by Myself. Have you ever felt alone in a wide, empty world, haunted by the banality of your existence? This Matoran has. (473 words)Karzahni's Locker introduces a ruthless buccaneer with an unusual vertical deficiency. (1,420 words)Life and Death examines the final hours of an unlikely hero who may just prove himself greater than them all. (3,586 words)Stellar Quest: The Black Gate Opens, a sequel to the epic, interrupts the homeward-bound journey of The Unreachable Star and her crew. (8,144 words)The Exile's Tale involves a lonely nomad traveling in the nighttime deserts of Bara Magna, and also a lot of Vorox. (1,560 words)CoT Fan FictionUnsung was the answer to the question I asked while watching an action movie: Who are all these bystanders running and screaming in the background . . . and what are their stories? (2,010 words)To Be a Warrior is the story of a man seeking the training of an elite monastery. (600 words)Original FictionGold and Silver Remembrances brings back those memories of that friend you once knew, that cherished friend who was, perhaps, a little more than that. . . . (3,599 words)Treasured Memories is a reflection upon a long, fulfilling, lucrative--and lonely--life. (598 words)Ping-Pong­. Love is just a game of ping-pong. (600 words)Love and Victory. Love conquers all, even the test of time. (600 words)Preparation is a romance about a young man and his girl readying themselves for the supposed end of the world. (650 words)The Right Path gives our protagonist a difficult choice when he comes face to face--to face--with a mysterious gatekeeper. (543 words)Doctor Who? is about that doctor you knew when you were a kid, who always made you wonder: What secrets is he hiding behind that artificial smile? (595 words)The Chimera. What strange creatures may be lurking in the shadows of the night? (512 words)Feel Good is a narrative poem about a forlorn boy and a woodsy eremite that will make you, if I've done my job right, feel good. (581 words)Forget-me-Not Hill takes us into the heart of a young girl who lost the friend for whom she cared most. (512 words)My EpicStellar Quest, going where no Agori has gone before. Join the crew of The Unreachable Star in their journey to investigate the attack of mysterious alien invaders, and to discover the secrets that tie Spherus Magna to their world. Review (approx. 40,000 words)ComediesGoldishell and the Three Matoran, a distorted BIONICLE rendition of the classic fairytale. (3,331)ComicsLunacy and Wordsmithery, which depicts me alongside the nominal duad that constitutes the top of my list of favorite things.RecommendationsShort StoriesClockwork, by Spyder RyderThe Tyger, by Allanon LokeBlack Diamonds, Zosia Darr"Thank you for visiting!" said the Matoran, retaking his chair behind his desk and closing his eyes. "And do come again!"You open your mouth to thank him for his hospitality--but it seems he has already fallen asleep. . . .

From the desk of Nuile: Lunatic Wordsmith :smilemirunu:

Edited by Nuile: The Daft Wordbender, Jun 25 2012 - 02:06 PM.

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#2 Offline darkslizer

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Posted Jul 03 2012 - 03:22 PM

Overall, I loved this. I believe that the whole second-person narration is quite difficult. Not only that, but you managed to advertise and suggest several short stories and an epic. Very interesting how you transitioned from story to stories. I've said this on all short stories I've reviewed though: I think that a one-post story should have something of a font that fits the character or characters, so as to increase the depth of the characters' personalities. For example, in my short story, Madman In Chains, I used this font: Comic Sans MS. I think this font loosely captured a madman, with the slightly crazy writing.
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