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Posted Apr 03 2013 - 05:15 PM



by charge_beta


CHAPTER 1: The Abandoned

Norri and Yuri were the best of friends. It is said, that they had a great adventure on Baramagna,

But is it true or is it just a fairy tale?


"Norri? Are you sure about this? I mean, I know Gresh did it...but your not Gresh!"

The Ta-Matoran, Yuri, was always careful. He didn't want anybody getting hurt on Norri's silly mini adventures.


"Yuri! You worry to much! Ha ha! That sounds funny! Yuri the Worry! You want Yuri the Fury!" Norri, an adventure-loving, carefree Le-Matoran was crossing Rezdi bridge, a bridge that had been out ever since the planet was split.


Rezdi bridge was a hazard area, and avoided by all. Instead, the Matoran began to build another bridge, which remained unnamed. The bridge had long ropes made of Ladu, a strong cloth made from Baramagna's cacti, it could also be found in Logger tree's, but those were rare. The wooden planks were wet and bendable from previous rains. Chunks, wedges, and even planks themselves had gone missing, into the vast canon below. The bridge was a link from the luscious Norva rain forest. On the other side was a hill full of dark caverns.


Norri stepped on a loose board, and it gave way from underneath his feet. Yuri gasped, but Norri grabbed the worn Ladu ropes and hoisted himself back to his feet. Yuri revived from his shock and started scolding Norri for giving him a heart attack and said to be more careful, but Norri didn't listen. Careful, he thought I don't even know the word!


Finally, he reached the other side. He scanned his surroundings. All around, nothing but barren and sharp rocks. He beckoned to Yuri to come. Yuri shook his head, "You want me to join you in death?" He asked, looking worried. At this, Norri laughed hard. "Please! You've got to be kidding me! Scared huh?" He gave him a wink, then strolled over to the cave entrances to have a glance.


Yuri stepped on the bridge. It creaked. Yuri drew back. He was scared, but one glance at the caves and curiosity overcame his fear, and steadily he came across, making it without a single accident.

"Ah, care to join me into the cave?" Norri asked. He turned and smiled at Yuri. Yuri drew closer, and took a peek at the walls. "There warn, nobodies been in here for ages!" Yuri exclaimed after a minute of study. "Or," Norri mentioned, smiling, "No one has come out in ages." Yuri gave a terrified gaze at Norri. Norri just stood there, grinning, his back to the rocky outside of a cave entrance.


As they walked inside, they wondered if there was anything in there of interest to them. Inside the cave it was warm and damp, yet some areas were cold and foggy. Curious Yuri thought, looking around. Yuri was good at noticing things. He had worked for the Archives back on Metru Nui. He was not a Onu-Matoran, but he was valuable to them. He had helped them to discover things they had never known.


Right now mist was everywhere. It was thick, so they had to squint their eyes. Just then, a shadow sprung form left to right like lightning, knocking over Yuri and Norri. Norri took out his dagger, holding it close to his chest.


The shadow passed again, knocking Yuri over again just as he was standing up. It moved again, only Norri was ready, and sprinted toward to meet it, which ended in tripping it and flinging it at Yuri who had just stood up once more, resulting in knocking him down.


"OW!" Yuri cried in a mixture of fright, anger, injury, and confusion. Yuri pushed it off of him, but Norri quickly upperhanded it before it could escape. Norri looked at it. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" It said in a loud, angry female voice. Norri quickly moved away, and saw what appeared to be a Ga-Matoran. "Ha ha! Told you someone was here, Yuri!". Yuri stood up and asked, "Who are you?!". "Chavel." She replied in a grunt. Norri wanted to know more, so he questioned her further, "How long have you been here?"

"Ever since I came into the world. I helped build the bridge, but I was forgotten ever since I fell."

"Fell? Fell where?" Yuri asked, curiously.

"The canon."

"You survived?!" Norri asked, looking impressed.

"If you can do that I can do it, too, but how did you survive?"

"There is a deep creek, I was lucky enough to fall in it."

"Okay, gotta aim for the creek."

Chavel looked at Norri as if he drank to much. "You think it's a game. Don't you?"

"Enough nonsense, Norri, we should be going back." Yuri suggested.

"Go back? I cannot go with you." Chavel said, and started to walk to the other side of the cave.

"I do not belong there."


Three matoran walked down the Ragar rode toward a volcano covered in ash. Who were these matoran? Norri, Yuri, and Chavel. "Okay," Chavel began, "If I show you this mask, you'll leave me alone, correct?"

"Yes, that was the deal, I believe." Yuri nodded.

As they entered the volcano, there was a shrill cry. "Keep walking. There only Lava Worms." Chavel explained. Everything was jagged, stabbing out into the air as a warning to all. Norri looked around. He enjoyed sights like these, wishing one day he could become a part of it all. Yuri felt they were being followed, but before he could get a peep, three matoran jumped out, and hit the three over the head. Everything went black.




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